Whitney Port Shares her Beauty & Fashion Essentials!

She's an international trendsetter and budding fashion designer, so when Whitney Port decided to share her summer beauty and fashion must-haves with us, naturally, we were all ears!

Whitney, 30, helped launch Priceline Pharmacy's Festival of Beauty campaign, by co-developing a series of beauty looks alongside Australian makeup expert Rae Morris.

Lifestyle.com.au sat down with the star to find out her essential beauty products and must-have fashion items for spring and summer.

Since working with make-up expert Rae Morris on the campaign, what's the best make-up tip you've picked up?

Oh wow, there's a tonne! But I think the biggest thing was about placing eye liner on the inside of the eye on the top, and not just on the bottom. It really makes your eyes pop and appear bigger. And it's also a great anti-ageing tip, so that makes a huge difference.

Your skin is always glowing. What's your secret?

I always try to take good care of it. I use a bunch of different serums and lotions. The main one I'm using right now is a rosehip oil. Rosehip oil ensures my skin is always moisturised. I always make sure I go to sleep at night with a really hydrated face. I'm lucky that I live in Los Angeles as it's pretty much an even keel temperature wise, so I don't have to change my routine in the lead-up to summer.

What beauty products could you not live without?

I love the Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray. It's great! And any kind of eye cream. I'm very, very finicky about eye cream. I feel that I'm probably the most self-conscious about that area of my face. I need it to at least feel like my skin is moisturised. And definitely a lip balm! I love the Lucas Papaw Ointment. Sometimes if I don't have eye cream I'll even put that under my eyes.

Which beauty look does your fiance (Tim Rosenman), love to see you in?

He loves the all natural look. For him, he would pretty much prefer me to not even wear any! He loves to see me in a t-shirt, pair of jeans, and just very dressed down.

Speaking of fashion, what do you think of Aussie's sense of style?

Gosh I would love to do a lot of shopping here but there's not really the time. When I come here there's always so much work involved, but I do love the Aussie style because it's casual. It's very reflective of LA style. I've seen girls here wearing a dressed up pyjamas kind of look (laughs). And I think you can definitely get away with that here. In New York I feel like my wardrobe changes. I always have to be put together, sophisticated and plan my outfits in advance. Whereas here in Australia, anything kind of goes.

What staple items do you think every girl should have in their summer wardrobe?

I think denim cut-offs are always great. I went through a phase where I would wear jeans everyday, and now I have this one pair that I could easily wear everyday. All my other tight jeans I don't even want to touch! I like baggy styles of jeans. 

Any kind of chambray, boyfriend top is great. I think it's a great layering piece for when it gets chilly at night. And a great kimono. I'm really into kimonos. You can wear them with a crop top and high-waisted pants, or a little bodycon dress. It's just a cute layering piece.

With my own fashion collection Whitney Eve, my team is always like 'Whitney you need more black because that’s something people actually buy'. I love how I feel when I wear black and I think I should do this more often, but my natural instinct is to go for things with colour. 

Besides makeup, what else makes you feel beautiful?

For me, working out is everything. I try to get a workout in close to every morning. It just does something for me mentally. It obviously releases endorphins, but it just feels good to be taking care of your body, and I think that really helps with your confidence. 

Are there any fitness trends you're loving?

I love going to SoulCycle, but it's a treat because it's so expensive. It's kind of culty, where you get instructors who are more like therapists. They're kind of chanting to you through the songs. There's always great music and it's in a club kind of atmosphere. I definitely do my fair share of spinning, but just not always at SoulCycle. And a love a bit of Yoga as well.

Do you have a favourite travel destination?

I've actually never been to Italy, so I would really love to go anywhere in Italy!

What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given?

I actually have something that my best friend always says to me. I get annoyed when she says it, but it's just so true. It's that "there's no way out but through". You know there's no escaping something. You can't jump over it, but you can't veer away from it. You have to go straight through it in order to get to the other side.

What do you think of Whitney's beauty and fashion tips? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

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