What To Eat for Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails

When our hair, skin and nails are vital and vibrant, we look – and feel – our best. So how do we maintain optimal inner health and outer beauty? Simply eat what Mother Earth is serving up!

Here are the best foods to feed your beauty appetite!


No amount of styling product is going to help your hair if it's not intrinsically healthy. Hair relies on your body to ‘feed' it, so, the healthier you are, the fuller, glossier and more robust your hair will be. The nutrients you put in your body, show up in your hair almost immediately so by upping your intake of certain foods and ingredients, hair follicles respond positively in a matter of months.

Whole Grains: Rice, buckwheat and quinoa are all great whole grains and generous providers of vitamin B, iron, and zinc. These assist hormone balance, which reduces stress in the body. This then regulates cells in the body, which is vital for fortifying hair strength.

Eggs: Good things come in small packages, and when it comes to eggs, they certainly are Mother Earth's abundant gift. Bursting with zinc, selenium, and sulfur, eggs are a must for a healthy mane as the vitamin B in eggs is a real powerhouse of hair growth.

Dark Chocolate: Could it be true that a truly delicious treat could also work wonders for your hair? Yes indeed. Dark chocolate does just that, so next time you're curled up on the couch with that cup of tea and a slither of dark chocolate, just think about all the antioxidants and vitamin B you are feeding your hair!


There is no way of hiding bad nails. It's folly to think that people don't notice gnawed nails and cracked cuticles at first sight. But contrary to popular belief, beautiful nails don't lie within a manicure alone. Healthy nails are the result of diet, and there are several minerals and vitamins that play a paramount part in getting them that way.

Protein: When you look at what makes up a nail, it's simple to create a connection to what they need to thrive. Nails are comprised of keratin and protein, and will respond to such. If you are a meat eater, then you are onto a good thing. But otherwise, you need to ensure you are getting your protein load from foods such as tofu and tempeh.

Biotin: This is a smart little vitamin as it aids the metabolism of protein-building amino acids, which boosts healthy cell growth and in turn, benefits nails. How do you get Biotin? Well, you have to have an appetite for Swiss chard (the new kale) while prioritizing salmon and wheat germ.

Zinc: Low Zinc levels will be evident on your nails. Not only through brittleness, but also the white spots that may appear. You can get zinc in a variety of delicious food sources throughout the day. For breakfast, just add oats, for lunch and dinner, lamb and beef are brilliant and when it comes to snacks, always have some sesame seeds on hand. When dining out, don't forget those entrée oysters. All in the name of good health, right?


Largely dependent on the presence and retention of moisture in the body, if you are dehydrated, your skin will show it. It's impossible to get away with any dietary sins, as it will show on your face, so ensure you have some of these close at hand.

Water: Welcome water into your life. Now! It's never too late to start the day with a warm glass of water and lemon juice (which is not only super hydrating but also works wonders for digestion and kick-starting the metabolism, all of which benefit the skin.) Furthermore, having a glass at your desk to fill each time it's emptied is a great visual reminder to get your eight glasses full!

Salmon: Flush with Omega3, salmon is truly an edible anti-ager. High in anti-oxidants, this fatty fish, works wonders for reducing inflammation in the body, and it also protects cells against the free radicals of everyday life that do their best to age us with each passing hour!

Leafy Greens: The darker, the better here. Introduce greens into your every day with a smoothie, soup or salad. The ability they have to aid new cell turnover and supply the body with the top four essential minerals; calcium, magnesium, iron, and potassium, makes leafy greens a cheap and easy addition to your day. Pot some at home for 24-hour access or have a new green addition at the top of each shopping list. One week broccoli, the next Lebanese cucumbers, so that when it comes to skin, green means glow!

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