What each sign should know about finding their soul mate

Finding lasting love is everyone’s goal, but the dating game can be disheartening at times. Give Cupid a helping hand by figuring out what you truly need from a potential partner.

Constantly on the go, you need a partner who can keep up with your fast pace of life without getting burned out, frazzled or frustrated. Look for sporty, confident types, but don’t push people away with your selfish streak.

You’re all about the finer things in life, so you need a partner who can appreciate luxury, sensuality and home comforts. Successful business people fit the bill, but your stubborn attitude can turn partners off.

Sharing is caring as far as you’re concerned, and you need a partner who wants to talk, communicate and share ideas and ideals. Look for creative, sociable types, but be aware that your flirting isn’t to everyone’s taste.

Loving, nurturing and instinctively maternal or paternal, you need a partner who will allow you to take care of him or her. Look for a sensitive but stable individual who won’t panic when you get into a mood.

There’s only one star in your show, and you’re it – you need a partner who can show you adoration and loyalty. Creative, artistic, showbizzy people are ideal, although there’s no room for two egos in your love life.

Practical, pragmatic and helpful, you want to be the power behind the throne – you need a partner who will value your support. Earthy but disorganized types are ideal, but don’t scare them off with your constant criticism.

It’s all kittens and rainbows in your love life, so you need a romantic, idealistic partner who won’t rock the boat. Look for someone cultured, who appreciates art and beauty, and don’t let your indecision make you miss out.

Powerful, passionate and intense, you need a partner who’s prepared to ride the rollercoaster through its highs – and its lows. Look for someone enigmatic and mysterious, but ease up on your jealousy.

Adventurous and freedom loving, you need a partner who hears the call of the wild as strongly as you do. All-action types are perfect, as are unorthodox intellectuals, but your reluctance to settle down can hinder you.

Ambitious and hardworking, you need a partner who’s as committed as you are to reaching their full potential. Look for someone who is career-minded and focused, but don’t let work get too far in the way of romance.

Who wants to be normal anyway? You need a quirky partner, whose eccentricities can match your own and who isn’t too intense. Look for independent, self sufficient individuals, but don’t demand freedom at all costs.

Gentle, easily hurt and oh, so sensitive, you need a partner who can be your rock without trampling on your dreams. Look for someone in touch with their intuition, but beware of becoming too clingy too quickly.

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