What Does Your Face Reveal About Your Health?

For over five thousand years in Chinese medicine, practitioners have understood that uneven colour and texture, patchiness, lines, breakouts, and other issues with our face are really indicative of deeper issues going on within our bodies and in our organs.

The good news is that our cells regenerate. If we take positive steps now to improve our diet and cleanse our bodies, we can reverse issues and make major improvements in our overall health and beauty.

Some commonly held ancient Chinese beliefs about what we might learn from examining our face include:

- Breakouts around the chin/jaw area could indicate a hormonal imbalance and congestion in the colon.

- Lines above the upper lip might indicate stagnation or blockages in the digestive tract, specifically relating to the organs of the stomach and small intestines. This can be attributed to the accumulation of acidic waste and toxicity, which is not adequately leaving the body.

- Deep laugh lines relate to our lung line and liver. These lines could be due to smoking or shallow chest breathing, so that not enough oxygen is getting into the lungs (yoga definitely helps with this!), or a colon that is so backed up that our lung meridian is being impeded.

- A lined forehead might point to congestion, and specifically a blocked, toxin-filled colon and gallbladder. Big contributors to this can be consuming a lot of dairy, cooked oils or processed foods.

- Dark under-eye circles or puffiness can indicate adrenal exhaustion. Too much caffeine, a lack of sleep and too much stress can cause this.

- Crow’s-feet around the eyes can also indicate that our adrenals are being over taxed and that our bodies are acidic and imbalanced.

- Patchy skin or lines high up around the cheekbone area may be associated with heart issues. Eating too much clogging animal protein, too many animal products, or cooked oil could be a major contributor.

This excerpt is from Kimberly Snyder’s The Beauty Detox Solution.

The book is now available in Australia online at Harlequin books (www.harlequinbooks.com.au and in stores nationally from December 28 for AU $24.99.

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