Wardrobe goals: How to store your summer clothes

Winter is upon us and it’s time to pull out your coats and put away your bikinis. 

Storing your clothes properly is important. If you invest the time, energy, and finance filling your wardrobe with things you love, you should devote a little extra to safeguard your investments, season to season.

With crisp mornings and cool evenings around the corner, now is the time to sort through your favourite swimmers and sundresses and shape your wardrobe for cold weather.

Follow this handy guide to ensure your summer wardrobe is ready for the beach again come November.

Scale down

Sorting through your summer wardrobe is a great time to scale down and sort through things you no longer love or wear. Ask yourself, when was the last time you wore that sequinned kaftan or fluoro pink plastic visor. If the answer is more than two years or two summers ago, it's probably time to donate to charity, put it on eBay, or take part in a clothes-swap with your friends. 

Embrace transseasonal 

In Australia, so many of us are blessed with relatively mild seasons. This means, not all of your summer garments need to be boxed up from May through to September, and a dark-hued summer shift dress will work well into June paired with tights, a wool cardigan or coat, and scarf. Layering is an art, and when done right can make your midsummer favourites - like silk camisoles, or linen pants - wardrobe champions in colder weather. 

Keep it clean

While you might not stuff away a salty swimsuit, be sure to give your clothes a wash before you pack them up. Any tiny stains, marks, or blemishes will set deeper and discolour fabric over time, and clean clothes are less likely to attract moth infestations or mould. So be sure to launder away summer days: drips of ice cream, suncream, salt, and splashes of late night red wine be gone! 

Stay dry

As for where to keep your clothes at home, you'll want to ensure they're in a clean, dry, dark place with good ventilation. Avoid the garage or basement, as both are notoriously inclined to dampness and mildew. Extra sunny spots may cause brightly coloured fabrics to fade, so avoid storing things in areas exposed to direct sunlight.  

Choose air-tight plastic boxes over cardboard as they're less likely to be invaded by pests, and invest in proper garment bags for anything you'd like to hang. If you're not planning a summer escape during winter months, your suitcase will be a great place to store clothes too. 



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No wrinkles 

Hang your delicate summer dresses in clothes bags or underneath clean coats. Wire hangers aren't gentle on clothes, so to protect against general wear and tear, use cushioned fabric hangers or wide wooden hangers. 

Moth protection

Nobody likes the smell of mothballs. Nobody likes holes in their favourite clothes, either. If you want to protect your clothes against moths but aren't keen on chemical pesticides, you could try chips of cedarwood or sachets of lavender (both have a much nicer fragrance). You'll need to replace these each year to ensure they're fresh and still warding off wardrobe bugs. 

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