Virgo: Your Full Astrology Guide for 2017

This is your year to shine, Virgos! Find out more about what's in store for you in 2017 from our resident Astrology expert, Kelli Fox. 


Get ready to roll in it in 2017, your year for both love and money. Lucky you! Neptune is taking the scenic route through your Relationship Sector, making you view your sweetheart through rose-coloured glasses. If you’re already partnered up, this year could mark an exciting new phase in your relationship.

Although some members of your extended family may be especially demanding in 2017. Chalk it up to restrictive Saturn’s slog through your Domestic Sector. These obligations on your time and energy could weigh heavily on you but your greatest challenge this year is to put your own needs first. That’s the only way to avoid burnout.

Love and Romance

Love could feel fated this year, thanks to romantic Neptune’s slow waltz through your Relationship Sector. It may seem like your partner can do no wrong; you’re definitely putting them on a pedestal. That can bring its own problems, but at least you’re feeling highly romantic!

If you’re looking for love, you could find it on or around February 27, when a Solar Eclipse sparks an irresistible attraction. The two of you could be a study in contrasts—which is exactly why your relationship will work so well. You’ll bring a welcome sense of structure to your new love’s life, while they’ll spice yours up with whimsical spontaneity.

Career and Money

If you’re involved in either a business or a romantic partnership, your connection could raise your standard of living around February 27, with a stimulating Solar Eclipse.

Your salary could also skyrocket thanks to generous Jupiter. If you want a raise or high-paying job, make your move between January and September. Of course, you’ll succeed at any work you perform. Your high standards and attention to detail wouldn’t allow anything less!

Unexpected expenses may take a toll on your savings if you’re not prepared courtesy of disruptive Uranus. On the plus side, Uranus could also deliver some hefty windfalls.

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