Update Your Underwear Drawer!

Scratchy lace? Circulation-cutting straps? Overtly visible panty lines? Suffer no longer with trying to wrangle your lingerie, ladies! There has been a big revolution in the design of ‘smalls', with comfort, budget and style now combining.

“Women want and should expect everything from their lingerie,” states Love and Lustre co-founder, Prue Brown, who alongside her friend Dana Burrows, launched the range nearly 15 years ago to cater to women who wanted, simplicity, comfort, affordability and sexiness all in the one brand.

“Lingerie forms the foundations of getting dressed,” she continues, “so if you start well underneath everything seems to sit and fit better.  Basically, women need to know their best and worst bits and specifically shop for lingerie that assists and enhances these areas.”

Skimp on the Skimpies:
Less is not more when it comes to gorgeous lingerie. Look at Dita Von Teese’s range Von Follies, Gwen Stefani's Hanky Panky and Britney Spears, The Intimate ranges for example. They are proof that the market for more coverage and improved comfort when it comes to underwear is growing, and that sassy, sexy lingerie can be enjoyed by the mass market-shopping mother not just the rich and risqué.

“We have seen a strong movement back towards slips and bustiers becoming a real fashion staple,” she explains.  “Even recently, the trend of the "tailored PJ" was gracing the likes of runways around the world.”

The New Lace:
“No longer do we need to suffer the scratchy, itchy, rubbing trims of yesteryear,” assures Prue. “Today we have the technology to create the most intricate of laces with the softness of silk.” Touch and feel your lingerie, and once you have aligned yourself with a brand that you love the look – and feel of – you can then continue your shopping experience online.

Fit Tips:

  • Good things may come in small packages: But they also come to those who wait, so set aside a decent amount of time to shop for lingerie. Like a good pair of jeans or a bikini, this is one shopping experience that can’t be done in haste!
  • Invest in Trust: Shop in a store where you trust the staff and sales assistants. They can honestly and succinctly suggest styles that you might not have considered, create an edit of items for you and encourage you to step outside your comfort zone with fabrics and hues that really flatter.
  • Buy bespoke: “If buying lingerie for a specific outfit, take the clothing items with you to the store,” urges Prue. This way you can ensure all angles are attractive, the fit is right and no straps or VPL’s are in view!
  • When you’re on a good thing, stick to it (several times): Loving a bra style? Snap it up in four shades. Or if a boy-leg knickers is proving a newfound blessing, cull your old styles and stick to this style that you can be guaranteed with flatter and fit with every outfit, every season.
  • Encourage lingerie to go the long haul: Hand washing is key to ensure that bra’s and corsets maintain their shape, and slips don’t shrink!

Underwear as Outerwear:

Some bras and camisoles are so darn cute you want to show the whole world, right? Wrong. There is a fine line between using underwear as an accessory to your outfit and simply allowing it to alert all others to the areas you wish to hide.

Here are Prue’s top tips:

  • Always look in the mirror at what you look like from behind. You may not see it, but if it is wrong.com everyone else is sure to notice!
  • One bra cannot do it all: “There are different bras to achieve different looks,” notes Prue. These range from cleavage enhancing, sculpting, boosting, flattening etc., so be very clear about the silhouette you are after before you shop.
  • Do not wear a normal underwear under gym wear. “It never looks good!” warns Prue. Same goes for bras. “Sports bras are for sport only!” she adds, so shop in the sportswear section if this is your want.
  • Make sure underwear fabric works in harmony with outerwear fabric. Static can always be a problem, so trying on the underwear underneath the outfit before buying it is imperative.

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