Top Tips to Find the Perfect Bra!

Did you know that 8 in 10 women are wearing the wrong size bra? That's a pretty scary statistic! Particularly when you consider a well-fitted bra is essential to help you look and feel your best.

Fear not, help is at hand. We have some fanatstic advice from Bras N Things to help you find the perfect fit.

Top 5 Tips

1. Every bra fits differently so it's important to try on each one on individually
2. Get professionally fitted for each bra to ensure it is perfectly suited to your shape and needs
3. Think about what results you want to gain from your bra. eg. Are you after cleavage or do you want a minimising bra?
4. Think about what clothing you want to wear with your bra eg. t-shirts require smooth contour bras
5. Try not to go shopping for bras when you are in a rush. A good bra fitting experience can take upwards of 15 mins and is essential to invest the time needed in finding the perfect bra to suit you!

Top 5 Most Common Mistakes

1. Assuming that all bras fit the same and that lingerie retailers are standardised. But this is a myth! A Target size 10B is not necessarily the same fit as a Bras N Thing 10B.
2. Women often think they know what fits them best and don’t seek the needed professional advice before purchasing their bras
3. There is also a misconception that the back size should be bigger for comfort and that fitting your bra on the tightest hook is better for support
4. The belief that there is no need for separation between the bust cups
5. Some women make the mistake of believing discomfort in a bra as a product of their body shape not the result of an ill-fitting bra!

Looking for a Lift?

If you're a smaller busted woman looking for enhancement we suggest you go up a cup size to create the illusion of cleavage. This is much more effective than going down a cup size as this actually flattens the bust line and hence has the opposite effect.

We also advise women to ensure they adjust and lift themselves into the bra for the best cleavage results.

There are two types of cleavage: high round and inward push; Crème Bras push inwards and mould to your body and are best for lower cut garments and water bras lift and create a round bust shape.

Most bras can be fitted with additional inserts to improve cleavage so this is always a great option. Women should also ensure their shoulder straps are adjusted to sit firmly as this will also help to lift the bust line.

Need More Support?

If you are a bigger busted lady looking for support and control we suggest you Opt for rounder shaped bras rather than triangular to get rid of ‘gaping’ at the top of the bust line. High bridge, wider straps and thicker backs help with support and to balance weight and you should always wear the right bra for the right occasion e.g. sports bra is the most appropriate for exercise.

It is also important to understand that while following these guidelines will significantly help you meet the desired result you can’t reduce bounce by 100%.

More Hot Tips!

1.Purchase a wash bag to care for bras, they extend the life of the bra 3 fold!
2.Get fitted every 6 months as a good fitting experience will boost your self-confidence and ensure you are always wearing the right bra!
3.Be open to trying a new style of bra – often it will help you understand what fits you best and why.
4.Ensure your fitting specialist explains the fitting process to you and gives you an opportunity to ask questions.
5.If you are looking for a bra to wear under a particular garment bring the garment with you to the fitting.

Remember there is always a fitting specialist in store at BNT, you don’t need to make an appointment, the service is FREE and we always a solution for any bra dilemma!

Head to for more informtation and a fantastic sizing chart!

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