Top Time-Saving Beauty Tips

Do you struggle to find any time to devote to your beauty routine each morning? Here are 4 tips from our Beauty Expert to help you achieve some morning wins!  

Each morning - between falling out the correct side of the bed, remembering to flip the pancakes, feeding the cat, patting the dog, coordinating your shoes, packing your phone/wallet/children and switching off the iron - there is beauty to deal with. Or, lack thereof it.

No human being wakes looking beautiful. At least not in my house. But if, like me, your maddening morning routine spits out a measly three minutes to ensure you have the world well-and-truly-fooled that you are, indeed, superhuman and shockingly beautiful even in the A.M, then read on. Just get that sleep out of your eyes first…

Here’s my timesaving, life-saving Morning Beauty Wins to ensure you use that 90 seconds each morning, and emerge with happy, and half-decent look to show for it!

1.       Get up (Earlier)

Sleep keeps you young. True story. So getting enough is imperative to allow your body to do several mind-boggling things; strengthen bones, increase muscle mass on a cellular level, up the synthesis of protein (which aids skin) and stimulate the immune system. Sleep smacks of regeneration and regrowth on a mind, body and beautifying level, but it’s key to be sleep smart; some researchers believe that every hour you sleep before midnight is equal to two hours after midnight, so if you go to bed earlier, and wake up earlier, you are optimising ZZZs.

2.       Prep in the PM

Before you even dive for the covers, covet yourself just that little bit more. By prepping yourself in the evening, you will save massive amounts of morning time – and stress. So tonight - once you’ve torn yourself away from LifeStyle YOU – blow out that hair, pluck and tint those brows, buff those nails and faux tan those limbs. By beautifying yourself for an hour after dinner once or twice a week, you are not only ensuring an escalated level of effortless hotness in the morning, you are also avoiding that Fig and Butterscotch Ice-cream beckoning you from the fridge.

3.       Drink to Brighter Eyes

Want to make those whites of your eyes pop? Well it’s not about labouring over your eyeliner or crunching that lash curler just a wee bit more. It’s actually how you treat your gut first thing in the morning that shows in your eyes – and all over your face - for the rest of the day. The gut is the absolute engine room of your visible vibrancy, so if you start your day with a dehydrating double-shot espresso and thin air, or a bonanza of bacon partying on your plate with a dozen fried eggs, well, the effervescence of your eyes and high-wattage of your skin will be the first thing to suffer. Make it a morning ritual that once you’ve smacked down that alarm clock, you flick the switch on the kettle. Warm water with juice of half a lemon first thing in the morning will aid your metabolism and help flush out those toxins that are just getting raring up for a new day. Liquid Chlorophyll (1-3 tbsps. in a glass of water) is also powerful alkalizer for the system, which benefits skin health, vitality and even weight management.

4.       Spray Smart

Now, we’ve established that your skin is cranking, your eyes are bright eyed and your hair is sleek and pre-tweaked, but what about that scent? I bet you have been guilty of the splash and dash scent-scapade. Am I right? You know the one where you aim your fragrance to some part of your body as you race out the door at 347kmph, hoping it will hit you and not your hat stand? Yes, well, this is false economy when it comes to applying a long-lasting aroma. See, The Scent-sible Set – you know the ones who waft into a café and make you want to propose/rip their clothes off in rapid immediacy - due to their perfume? Well these clever spritzers have no doubt applied their scent right. And that is under the breastbone. Yep, pre-bra or business shirt, give a light spritz just above the midriff, wait for it to settle, and then proceed with dressing. Throughout the day, as warm air rises, the scent with continue to ascend upwards as your body temperature does, ensuring the hotter you get, the hotter you get.

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