Top Hollywood Cosmetic Trends

Over the years there have been many Hollywood cosmetic trends. The most notable being the facelift. Celebrities have been pulled and tucked to within an inch of their youth and have loved the result. But now the humble facelift might be on the way out as stars start to realise ... they all look the same!

“A decade ago the ‘done’ thing to treat aged and sagging skin was to have your surgeon remove excess skin to tighten your face,” says Dr. Mazza from Sydney’s Star Cosmetic Medicine, “But this often resulted in a ‘pulled’ effect which led many of Hollywood’s leading faces to look eerily similar.”

The ‘new face’ that most Hollywood plastic surgeons are focussed on today gives a more natural look says Dr. Mazza. “A youthful face does not look ‘tight’ or ‘pulled’. A young face has smooth and full borders, gentle curves and volume in the cheek bones,” he explains.

So rather than opting for the scalpel, many Hollywood starlets are choosing the needle. “By needle we mean using dermal fillers to add volume to the cheek bones or the ‘tear trough’ area beneath the eyes,” explains Dr. Mazza. “Gaunt cheeks are also given a more natural, fuller contour.

“The end result is often described as a ‘heart shaped’ face where full cheek bones angle downwards to a well-defined chin. If one looks at many of today’s identities such as Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox, they share these characteristics.”

Another definite trend is the ‘less is more’ approach when it comes to Botox. “At one time, it was the belief that if a little of it was good then a bucketload of it must be better,” says Dr. Mazza. “Whilst this would definitely carpet bomb almost all the wrinkles on the face, it also left the person paralysed of expression. Today, celebrities have a lower dose of Botox so the wrinkles are reduced but their expression is still intact.”

The axiom on these trends is to look ‘natural’ and to look great. Good to see celebrities are catching on to the universal truth that sometimes natural is best!

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