Top 12 Ultimate Lingerie Fails

Don't be a bra faux pas victim! Check out this list of the biggest bra mistakes and lingerie fails - and how to avoid them.

Whether your sauntering up the red carpet or strolling down the shops, nothing ruins a beautifully put-together outfit quicker than a rouge bra strap, unsightly fat bulges out the side and breasts pushed up so high you can wear them as a neckpiece.

It’s not just us mere mortals – plenty of Hollywood celebs have experienced ruining a perfectly good outfit ruined by committing a bra sin. To save us from bra faux pas,  fitting experts Simone Perele are coming to the rescue with their fitting tips.

1. Buying shape wear in the size you want to be, not the size you are.

No, squeezing into a size 8 bodysuit won’t actually make you a size 8, if you’re naturally a size 12. Not only will you be horribly uncomfortable, you’ll look like a lumpy sausage.

2. Going OTT on the push up

It’s a sure-fire way to get attention, but there comes a certain point where a little lift turns into take off.  Boobs pushed up to your chin may have had it’s moment in the early 2000s thanks to Posh Spice, but today, we’re happy to leave them in the past!  When going for lift, aim for subtle with some small inserts.

3. Wearing the wrong coloured bra

Unless that’s your intention, there is nothing more unflattering than seeing a black or white bra under a shirt. Every woman should have at least one nude t-shirt bra.

4. Visible bra straps

This is known as the bra version of VPL (visable panty lines) and guaranteed to ruin your outfit. There are so many options on the market for strapless, convertible and stick on bras, that showing-off yours should never have to be an option. If you are wearing lacey sleeves, then consider a clear strap.

5. The dreaded saggy strap

If the straps are falling off, it can be because the bra is too big in the back and too small in the cup, so check with a fitting consultant instead of tightening the straps too much.6. 

6. Your cup runneth over

Avoid the double-breasted look you'll get when you squeeze into a cup size too small or the gaping cups of a bra too big by being fitted professionally. There should not be any spillage over the cup or over the arm-hole of the bra.

7. Going sans bra

There are some outfits that just look better without a bra. However, if you're going to try this look you either need to be very comfortable with your shape and size (and the possibility that visible nipple is possible) but you also need to think about reinforcements so you don't have an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction! Always use Hollywood tape or silicone cups.

8. Presuming you’re the same size

Did you know that women’s breast size can change up to six times during their lifetime thanks to puberty, hormones, breast feeding and weight fluctuations? Don’t presume the size you were 6 years ago is the size you are now!

If you think your bra is too small, go up a cup size, not just back size to avoid the look of a bra rising up the back of the neck. All underwire should be sitting on the rib cage and not on breast tissue and the centre separator should sit firmly against your breast bone.

9. Buying it because it’s pretty or cheap

We’ve all fallen victim to sales; but when temptation strikes and you really want to buy that satin leopard print black lace corset because it’s only $20, reason with yourself that if it doesn't fit or it doesn’t look good under clothes, you'll never wear it! Save your money and buy a quality bra that will become a favourite instead.

10. Letting your bra be visible

There are very few occasions where a bra peeking out beneath your shirt is going to work. Starlets on the red carpet of Hollywood might be able to pull it off, but they have stylists and wardrobes the size of a small house. Chances are, you can’t. If you do want to try this look, make sure the bra you are showing off is impeccable, and consider using Hollywood tape to make sure it stays in place.

11. Expecting to wear a bra in

Bras won't break in like shoes. If it's tight today it will always be tight, they don't stretch or give with time.

12. A gaping bra

What’s the point of wearing a bra if the world can see what’s inside it!? This is the result of a bad fit – if you have lost some breast size, try using small inserts to make up the difference. 

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