Top 10 Last Minute Bridal Body Fixes

Are you a budding bride or bridesmaid? Our Fitness Expert, Blake Worrall-Thompson, helps you and the readers of Bride to Be magazine get in shape for your big day.  

1 - Sweat it out - For your body to work as efficiently and effectively as possible you need your 'insides' to work properly. To get your insides functioning the way they should try a 'mini detox' by using an infrared sauna. An infrared sauna will help draw the toxins out of your body the safe way. The less toxic you are, the easier it will be to lose weight. 

2. How fruity are you - Despite fruit being VERY good for you. A lot of people tend to think they can have as much as they like. When fruit is broken down, it essentially is sugar, and with too much sugar leads to weight gain. It's 'recommended' we eat two servings a day, personally I only have one and I make sure it's either berries or apples which are lower in the sugars.

3. Sleep - Without enough sleep you're exercise regime and eating plan can go out the window. Not only do you not have enough energy for your training sessions but you also tend to be more attracted to foods with a higher sugar content to give you that 'lift'.... Your body does it's best repair (which only really happens when you are asleep) between 10pm-6am

4. Stress less - The stress hormone cortisol is released through your stomach so if you want a flat stomach for your big day you need to get your stress under control. Try meditation, it's amazing for stress. I do it 1-2 times a day. 

5. Lift a little bit - I PROMISE you weights will not get you bulky. We've had over 10 girls in the last 6 months join the "6 weeks to sexy" program to get themselves ready for their wedding and NOT ONE of them has "bulked up". If you are serious about looking your best on your big day you need to train with some weights. 

6. Run faster - If you're into running you need to think intensity not duration. Research has shown that running for 20-30 minutes at a HIGH intensity is a much more effective tool for burning fat then long slow running. 

7. Strength in numbers - It's highly unlikely that one of your friends will be getting married at the same time as you but maybe one of your bridemaids wants to look their absolute best for your big day. There will be moment that challenge you and to get through those periods its best to have a workout partner.

8. Liquid calories - by far the easiest way to lose unwanted kilos before your big day is cutting out 'liquid calories'. Try drinking nothing but herbal tea and water and the weight will fall off you.

9. Have your cake and eat it - The best thing you can do if you are serious about staying on track with your 'diet' is still enjoy your favourite dessert/treat on a weekly basis. It's those that try and go 'cold turkey' that are most likely to fall off the bandwagon and go back to old ways. Limit your treats to 1 or 2 meals (yes meals, not days) a week.

10. Know your body - I get the 6 weeks to sexy girls to 'weigh in' (although I'm only looking at the body fat not their weight) on a weekly basis. This works for a number of reasons - Firstly it keeps them accountable but secondly and MORE importantly it gives them a chance to understand their bodies. For example the girls now know what they need to do to lose body fat or maintain their current condition. This is really important because unless you know what works for your body you'll find it much harder to move forward. 

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