Top 10 Beauty Injection Misconceptions

Between migraine-curing success stories, famous frozen foreheads, and fatal disasters, injectable fillers are a polarizing and controversial talking point.

Disaster stories are not deterring our nation’s quest for youth however; according to figures from the Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia (CPSA), Australians spent $644.7 million last year on anti-aging treatments.

Below, we help separate the facts from fiction.

1. Injections can be purchased online and done DIY at home

– This is an absolute NO, NO, NO! Plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Form & Function Clinic, Dr. Scott Ingram, says it doesn’t matter what the website or eBay seller says: “Injectable fillers MUST be administered by a qualified aesthetician and registered nurse at a reputable cosmetic clinic.”

2. Injectables are only for women

– if you believe this, you obviously haven’t heard of bro-tox! Injectables specialist and registered nurse Kim Cheah of Clinic Aesthetic says she’s seen a 15 per cent increase in this phenomenon among her clientele. Kim says there is no particular ‘type’ of man; clients range from tradies to male models!

3. Botox is only used for vanity purposes

– This may be true for some people, but according to Dr Ingram, injectables such as Botox can also be used to assist with a range of other issues including excess perspiration, migraines and has even been linked to treating children with cerebral palsy.

4. Injectables are addictive

– “While the effect that injectables can have on your overall look may be addictive, the injection itself is not,” says Kim.

5. Injectables are highly toxic
– Not true. “Like any ‘drug,’ the dosage must be controlled, and this is why it should be administered by a well trained and experienced practitioner to a patient who is also well educated about the procedure,” Dr. Ingram says.

6. You will always look better immediately after receiving an injectable treatment

– Kim says that immediately after receiving an injectable treatment, the area can become swollen and occasionally lightly bruised. “This is temporary,” says Kim, “and will give way to a desirable outcome, if the person administering the injectables is a professional.”
Another thing to be aware of is you may look in the mirror and prefer the ‘old’ you – but many injectables are temporary and will gradually disappear. If you’re uncertain, try a less permanent look first to make sure you like the new you!

7. After getting botox I will look like Angelina Jolie
– It is important not to walk into a appointment with unrealistic expectations; everyone reacts differently to treatments, and injectables are not necessarily going to make you look like someone else – rather, the best version of yourself.

8. Anti-wrinkle injection treatments will stop you from having wrinkles… ever again!

– Sadly this one is not true; injectables can help prevent and treat wrinkles for a period of time, and ongoing injectables will help keep wrinkles at bay.

9. Injectables will make me look like Jocelyn Wildenstein

– Thankfully, for those considering Botox, this is not true. Dubbed the ‘cat woman,’ Jocelyn has had a lot more work than just injectables – it has been reported that she has spent over $4,000,000 on plastic surgery to achieve her feline appearance

10. Botox injections make your lips bigger
– WRONG. Kim says it’s a common misconception that Botox injections go into lips. Kim says: “If your Doctor was to inject Botox into your lips, they would be paralysed!”

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