Toner: Do You Need It?

Many people think it’s not important to use a toner and consider it a waste of money, when in fact it is a really valuable step of your skin care routine. The reason for this misconception is due to the traditional function of an old fashioned toner, as Emma Hobson from the Dermal Institute,, explains.

The background

Toners originally were developed to ‘remove’ the Mineral Oil based cleansers. Since Mineral Oil cannot be washed off the skin and traditional cleansers were tissued off, a toner had to contain SD alcohol to remove the cleanser and Mineral Oil off the skin surface. The issue that arose from this is that many people found the SD alcohol irritating and drying to their skin, so avoided using a toner.

The new style spritz toners then started to emerge which were designed with skin function in mind:

• To boost the moisture content of the skin so reducing dehydration

• To calm and freshen the skin with plant botanicals

• To even out the skin’s surface porosity, meaning balancing out the dry patches

• To introduce water soluble active ingredients into the skin

• Reduces the quantity of moisturiser required

Spray toners are usually the easiest and most effective way to tone. Spritzing with a hydrating toner adds essential moisture to the skin, it evens the skins’ porosity making the skin hydrated evenly. This means, when it comes to applying your moisturiser, you should only need a small, pea sized amount. If you skip the toner you’ll find you need to add more moisturiser to get the same result.

The added benefit of a spray toner is you can keep a travel size in your bag and freshen and hydrate your skin throughout the day (yes you can apply them over make-up!)

How to choose the right toner

There is an array of toners now available and choosing the correct one can be confusing. As a quick guide look for toners that:

• Spray on; so much easier to apply and very economical

• Contains Hyaluronic Acid. This is a mega performing ingredient that holds a 1000 times its own weight in moisture and dynamic for hydrating the skin

• Contains active ingredients that works with the condition of your skin (for example, congestion, oily/acne, premature ageing, sensitive, dry etc)

• Contains antioxidants to help protect the skin against oxidative injury

• Contains anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredients to help soothe and calm skin

• Artificially fragrance and SD alcohol free

Are water spritzers a good option?

Not really, simply spraying a fine mist of water on the skin is not sufficient to hydrate it. In fact, water evaporates off the skin surface (as they don't contain moisture binding humectants) which can actually result in dehydration.

So the next time you question whether ‘to tone or not to tone’? The answer is simple a resounding ‘yes’!

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