Time to Let Go of Lost Love

Astrologer Yasmin Boland explains why NOW is the ideal time to get over your ex.

I just had a call from a lovely friend of mine, who I will call Lisa. Lisa is in her 30s, and going out with a wonderful man called Michael.

Lisa’s ex – a cheater called Ed – is still on her mind. Today, more than ever.

In fact, today when she called me, Lisa was crying very hard. She was hurting. She had just found out her ex, Ed, is seeing someone else. Someone he cheated on Lisa with many years ago.

You would think this wouldn’t matter to Lisa. She and Ed broke up more than four years ago. She has been with the lovely Michael for more than two years.

Lisa’s friends are so happy that Lisa finally broke away from her dirty, rotten cheating rat of an ex-boyfriend, after holding on for way too long.

So why? Why does she care about her ex? Why is she crying from the bottom of her heart?

Is she (a) stupid? Why does she still care?

Or is she (b) in fact in tune with the cosmos?

I’m going to go with (b) and not just because she is my friend.

The fact is that now is the IDEAL time to cry over your ex, to feel the pain, to let it come up to the surface and then to let it go.

Venus is retrograde and we’re headed for an eclipse. Venus Retrograde is partly about looking at our love past, getting rid of old connections which no longer serve us, cutting ties with people we have to move on from.

I am not kidding when I say that I think Lisa and her ex, the cheating rat, have a karmic connection. And if she doesn’t cut it off this lifetime, she will only have to deal with again next lifetime. They both have karmic lessons to learn from their dealings with each other. One can only guess at what Ed’s must be.

Meanwhile, the Full Moon eclipse cometh. We are all naturally more on edge. That’s eclipse life. And the Full Moon eclipse brings the scum to the surface to be washed away. That is what is happening to my friend.

If you are feeling sad and low, or like your emotions are erupting, remember (b). You are in tune with the cosmos and you are a step further down the track to letting it go, letting it flow, so your present can take you in a new direction.

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