The Top Luxury Skin Care Ranges from Around the World

Most people have a skin care routine, whether it be a bar of soap and water, or a six-step nightly ritual.

The skin care industry is massive: you have your everyday brands and then the brands that are a bit pricey which you might buy when you’re feeling a bit flush.

There’s also an elite skin care world out there that is on a whole other level, with people paying more than $12,000 to look young and beautiful!

Sodashi - Australia

This is a stunning brand that I’ve had the pleasure of using before, and I can’t rate it highly enough. It's a completely natural brand with no synthetic chemicals whatsoever, and it's not tested on animals. All the packaging is recyclable and all labels are printed with natural vegetable dyes.

Sodashi products include everything you need for your face, body and hair. Most items are roughly around the $100 mark. But there is a range that tops all the others, price-wise. 

Samadara takes this already luxury brand into a different league. The Ultimate Age-Defying Creme 50ml is $495 and includes pure plant ingredients and Rose Quartz water. It also comes with two smooth Rose Quartz crystals to massage in the creme. 



111 Skin - UK

The creator - Harley Street Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr Alexandrides - was looking for a product his patients could use after a treatment. Dr Alexandrides collaborated with space scientists - skin ages faster in space, so they’d surely know something about it! - and together they created 111 Skin (because his surgery is at 111 Harley Street).

There is a Black Diamond collection which is by far the most expensive. There is a 15ml eye creme for $330 and a Black Diamond Serum 30ml for $700. However, the Celestial Black Diamond Creme takes the cake at $1,166 for a 50ml bottle!

This brand is raved about in so many magazines, so perhaps those rocket scientists and doctors are getting it right? 


Sulwhasoo - Korea

Based around Korean Herbal Medicine, Sulwhasoo was born in 1967, but has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. It is now a top seller in luxurious department stores in New York, Singapore and Hong Kong.

All of the ingredients used are natural and native to South Korea. The company has its own herb farm where all the ingredients are grown.

The ‘Timetreasure’ Collection is very luxurious with the Renovating face cream costing $420 for 60ml, the eye cream $260 for 25ml,  and the Serum $335 for 50ml. 


Shiffa - Dubai 

Dr Lamees started Shiffa after wanting to find an oil to use while she was pregnant. She wanted to create organic products, that were based on the principles of dermatology. Testing on herself while still with child, Dr Lamees formulated a firming, toning and restoring oil that is still going strong today. 

Shiffa is not a ridiculously expensive brand, but it’s so prestigious it needed to be on this list. The Tamanu moisturising cream is $143 and you can also buy a beautiful Jade facial massaging roller for $63. They are believed to be healing stones that symbolise purity and are meant to soothe the mind and increase love, balance fluid within the body, calm the nervous system and smooth the skin! 


Guerlain - France

The Guerlain family were initially perfume makers, but the brand has become one of the most respected in the beauty, spanning five generations.

Their Orchidee Imperiale collection is very pricey with the 50ml Cream reaching $614!

A new Imperial Orchid Molecular Extract drawn from the roots, stems and leaves of three new orchids, are meant to be rich in growth tissue, which equates to anti-ageing benefits. The 30ml Serum in the same collection is $474.

This is not a cheap brand. Even the foundating is nearly $100. However, this successful, classic brand is well-liked for a reason.


La Prairie - Switzland

This brand started off in Switzerland in an anti-ageing spa in 1978.

La Prairie revolutionised the industry, being the first to apply cellular research to combat ageing skin with the exclusive Cellular Complex. Over the years the brand has used active ingredients such as caviar pearls and even pure gold! 

La Prairie hit a high point with its Cellular Cream Platinum Rare range, the ‘Ultimate Rejuvenating Cream’ being $1,370 for 50ml.


Orogold - USA

When I found this brand, my jaw just kept dropping. Each time I thought I’d found the most exclusive collection, it was trumped by the next!

Orogold can be found in 19 countries, with stores of the upmost elegance. (FYI, Australia has stores in Sydney and Perth.)

As you may have guessed from the name, there’s gold in these products, and not just any gold but 24 Karat gold! Most of Orogold's everyday moisturisers start around the $200 price mark, but once you hit the ‘Exclusive’ ranges that jumps significantly.

There’s a 24K Nano Night Recovery 30ml for $1,598, which sounds exorbitant but then I came across the 24K Cryogenic Liquefying Pearl which is only 5ml and costs $3,998! The product is a fine powder that transforms into a liquid when massaged into your skin - but you would hope a little goes a long way.

Surprisingly, that's not the highest price point by a long shot! The 24K Cleopatra Nano Regimen, this is a pack of eight facial treatments for $12,798. You even get 24K gold leaf to place on your skin as part of the treatment.




Cle de Peau - Japan

This brand has been formulated to combine Japan’s cutting edge science, and France's elegance. It’s been around since 1982 and is still at the top of the game. Most products seem to sit around $250 or more, but there’s an Intensive eye contouring cream at $431 and the La Creme Night Care is $738 for 30ml.

Cle de Peau is a beauty line that is owned by Shiseido Co. - Japan’s largest cosmetics firm. For Cle de Peau's 30th anniversary in 2012, Shiseido Co. released ‘La Creme’ special edition. Only three jars were made and each container was hand crafted and made up of 30 layers of crystals and three platinum rings. One jar cost $12,580.

La Creme special edition is now officially the world's most expensive moisturiser. 


To some of us the idea of spending that kind of money on skin care is unbelievable and also unachievable. Even the lesser expensive products at $200 are, if you think about it, not in fact that cheap.

The beauty industry is set to reach a global $265 billion next year, and there is no end in sight.

Everyone wants and deserves to feel beautiful, no matter what their income.

In an age where cosmetic surgery is becoming more common, spending this much on beauty on a regular basis could become more acceptable - but is that a good thing?

Shouldn’t we be spending time and money trying to appreciate what we have naturally and encouraging the next generation to be beautiful on the inside?

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