The Top 15 Fashion Fails of 2014

As far as fails went, fashion served up some real doozies last year. Here are the trends we don't want to see repeated this year - or any other year!

From flannelette to latex, there are just certain looks that should be thrown in the bin, for good. Here we list the top 15 fashion faux pas for 2014.

1. Leggings

It’s constantly rated as one of the biggest fashion fails of all time, but that didn’t stop our misguided love affair with them in 2014! Unless you have the thighs of a baby giraffe, this is one trend that we’re happy to say goodbye to. 

2. Knobbly shoulder pads

It was the hallmark of power-dressing in the 80s, and last year it made a comeback with questionable results. If you’re going to try this trend, choose shoulder pads that accentuate your shape – not make you look like RoboCop!

3. Ultra-short, ultra-tight mini dresses

Even if you do have the figure of a supermodel, this dress doesn’t exactly scream class. Whether you’re 16, 36 or 66, you can do better.

4. Platform sneakers

A look that was made popular when the Spice Girls asked us to ‘spice up our lives’, we thought we left this trend safely back in the 90s in fashion purgatory. Not so. This year, platform sneakers made a comeback. And they were just as hideous as they were back then. 

5. Short capri jeans

Pitbull’s ultra tight, too short capri pants upstaged JLo at the World Cup 2014 opening ceremony, and it didn’t take long for social media to lavish scorn on the rapper. But that didn’t stop this look making an appearance - even worse, many followed his lead and paired it with shoes without socks. 

6. Flannelette

Another 90s trend that made it’s comeback, this now screams Canadian lumber jack, not Seattle-grunge rocker.

7. Camo

We hoped if we shut our eyes tight enough the camo trend would go away. It didn’t look good on 90s boy bands and it still doesn’t look good now!

8. Midriff tops

If you have a 22 inch waist, then by all means go for it. This trend would look great on you. For the rest of us? The world really doesn’t want to see our muffin tops.

9. Silly hats

Singer Pharrell Williams wore this towering top hat to the Grammy Awards in January. It rocked social media for months – especially as he continued to wear variations of it on The Voice. Verdict? We’re all for sensible sun protection, but if you have an inkling it looks silly, it probably does.

10. Jumpsuits

Can anyone say camel toe? You need a particular kind of age, shape and figure to pull this one off – and that counts most of us out. Best left to preschoolers. Put it this way – if Taylor Swift can’t pull it off, what chance do us mere mortals have?

11. Latex

Nope, latex is not your friend Kim Kardashian. Nor is it anyone else’s, for that matter.

12. Underboob and sideboob

Shameless flaunting of our lady lumps topped fashion fail lists back in 2013. So why, oh WHY did stylists and celebrities insist on bringing this fad into 2014? It’s time to cover up and go for class, not shock factor.

13. Shorts that look like undies

Newsflash. If you can see your pockets hanging out from underneath, then your shorts are too short. Yes, we’re talking to you Miley Cyrus – we don’t care how bad you want to shock us. 

14. Above thigh split

It’s a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. Don’t risk it ladies! Wear your undies!

15. Thigh high boots

Julia Roberts may have pulled these off in Pretty Woman, but it’s also worth noting she was playing a hooker. Everyone else is destined to look like Puss in Boots.

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Posted by Rebecca2526Report
Style is a great thing. It can come and it can go, it can also have the potential to make or break you, like a great hairstyle. I like to comment on what I think looks good and what I think is a dismal failure in the fashion sense through my eye's. Some of these pictures gave me a really good smile.
Posted by Catherine918Report
lmao you know what's 'so 2013'? shaming women for what they're wearing. actually if you look closely enough you will notice that all of these incredible empowering women are actually slaying and all look amazing. as for saying that tight dresses and short shorts are not classy, I will have you know that any woman could go out with no clothes on besides *** nipple tassels and still be the classiest *** out so I must say that this article blatantly *** shames but I doubt the author knows what that means based on the fact that they obviously have no grip on this thing called equality so in shorter terms your *** sexist