Taurus: Your Full Astrology Guide for 2017

What does 2017 have in store for you Taurus? Read on to find out!


Thanks to a series of eclipses, the balance between your personal and professional lives may shift this year. The Lunar Eclipse on February 10 could see you relocating or renovating. A stressful work assignment should come to a close with a second Lunar Eclipse on August 8. Two weeks later, on August 22, expect happy changes at home.

Your biggest challenge in 2017 might be keeping your cool about money matters as restrictive Saturn stomps through your Financial Sector until year’s end. Instead of worrying about money, try to appreciate your many blessings. And give thanks when Saturn finally shifts focus away from your finances after then.

Love and Romance

Are you ready for a sweet and spicy 2017? You should be, because the year is rife with romantic possibility! In June, you’ll turn heads every place you go, thanks to Venus, your ruling planet. If you’re single, playing the field will be lots of fun during September and October.

You’re all about commitment from October onwards, and settling down with someone you’re passionate about becomes a top priority.

If you’ve found the love of your life, November is perfect for deepening your bond, as Venus paves the way for a joy-filled celebration. If you’ve already exchanged vows, this is a great time for a romantic vacation.

Career and Money

Looking for a raise or promotion, or wanting to increase your fees? The month of July is perfect for making your move.

August 8 is a great time to finish up an important work project, thanks to a boost in focus from the Lunar Eclipse. This achievement could thrust you into the spotlight, whether at the office or on an even larger stage.

Through October, benevolent Jupiter bounds through your Career Sector. No matter what your profession, your job should bring you lots of joy throughout the majority of the year. Make big plans!

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