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Taurus is symbolized by the Bull, an association that is quite apt. This sign can be very stubborn, and tends to dig in its heels when faced with the need to step aside or -- shudder -- change course. But Taurus is also one of the strongest signs of the Zodiac, and can pull its own weight and then some when necessary. 

A Fixed Earth Sign, Taurus defines stability, which can get dull -- sometimes this sign becomes a stick in the mud. Thank goodness it's ruled by Venus, the love planet! Venus lends Taurus a healthy dose of sensuality and a pleasure-loving streak about a mile wide. That's why so many Taureans are built sturdily, with strong bones and muscles and some extra meat on their frames -- they love to eat rich, delicious foods almost as much as they love lying around, cuddling with their sweetie.

They're charmers, in touch with all the sensual pleasures of life, which means they get a bit lazy from time to time. After all, why work hard when life is so deliciously enjoyable? But Taurus also has a strong back that's made for hard work, and an excellent grasp of resources.

While this sign won't shy away from spending a nice chunk of cash on something that's really worth it -- a new, gorgeous outfit or a luxurious dinner at a five-star restaurant -- it also knows when the credit card is maxed out and it's time to pull back.

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Posted by squitoReport
conservative,sensual and oh natural,music i so love,,i would dearly love to play the guitar i love singing,dancing,i guess you have me to a T.
Posted by SalllyReport
OMG That is just so true , the money thing is just so accurate,i paid of my house in 15 yrs and all on one wage and educated 3 kids into the bargain , and managed to save as well.still have not given up my penny pinching ways .
Posted by sarbearReport
Wow! that is so me! Thanks for that accurate insight!