Tahyna Tozzi’s Beauty Rules

She’s gorgeous, talented and totally down-to-earth. Aussie model and actress Tahyna Tozzi, 23, is making waves in L.A. and we caught up with her for a chat. Have a read and tell us she’s not the sweetest thing since Krispy Kremes!

Hi Tahyna! So where are you right now?

“I’m in West Hollywood in L.A. I rent an apartment here and have done so for about two years. I’m really focussing on my acting at the moment and L.A. is such a fun, happening place to be.”

What are you working on?

“It’s such a busy time in L.A. because it’s pilot season time. That’s when a lot of the television shows get cast so I am a full-time auditionee at the moment. It’s chaotic! I have signed on to do a few different things but you never know if something is going to happen until you’ve actually filmed it.”

Do you prefer television or film?

“Film is where my heart is. I like the process of taking a long time to develop a character, but there are some unbelievably innovative television shows being made at the moment. I’m interested in anything which gives me the opportunity to do what I love.”

What will we see you in next?

“I have a film, Trophy Kids, being released this year. It was shot in New York and I play an Upper East Side princess named Quinn Thorndike who poses as a downtown hipster to manipulate her way into people’s lives. It is my first major carrying role and quite daring, different and interesting. I also have the Aussie horror flick Needle coming out. I shot it in Australia with some dear friends of mine - that was part of the reason I took the role. I was so homesick! It’s kind of an actor’s rite of passage to do a horror so I guess I can tick that box.”

Any plans to come home soon?

“I usually come back in June/July. It’s my grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary then so I definitely want to be back for that.”

It’s your birthday soon (April 24) what do you have planned?

“I have a few friends out here so we’ll probably have a nice dinner, or I’ll fly to New York to hang out with my sister (Cheyenne Tozzi). I used to have these big, fun parties for my birthday, but things have changed a bit. Now, all I want to do is go into a room and call my mum!”

You’re very much an “all-Aussie” girl, is this why you became an ambassador for Australis?

“I immediately connected with the nostalgia of the brand. I remember being 13 and discovering makeup. Australis was the first bronzer and lipgloss I ever bought! I admire a brand that is uniquely Australian and that pushes boundaries. The new Australis Colour Inject range does just that!”

What are your favourite products?

“I have just been through three tubes of the Colour Inject Mineral Lip Gloss in Lambada pink. I also love the crème blush and the Colour Inject foundation because when I’m out all day I want something that’s not oily and has sunblock in it.”

How do you keep your skin looking fresh?

“I love the Dr.Hauschka range of skin care. I’m a big fan of natural products and keeping things simple. Every time I try to do a big regime I end up with dry skin, so I just wash my makeup off with three-in-one wipes and splash my face with water. I use the Rose Day Cream by Dr.Hauschka and coconut oil because my skin gets really dry from work and travel. I love that coconut oil is an all natural product and doesn’t have any weird chemicals in it.”

What do you use on your hair?

“Coconut oil!”

As well? Gee, you must smell nice?

“Ha ha, I think I do! I also like Redken products because they are really affordable and great for coloured hair. Aveda also have some nice, rich hair moisturisers.”

Have you ever been asked to dye your hair for a role?

“Yeah, someone once said to me, ‘Oh, you’re blonde and we were looking for a brunette.’ I was like, ‘Well, I can change my hair!’ Most of the time it happens simultaneously, though. When I did Wolverine my hair was quite dark and I had dark eyebrows but they wanted someone blonde. In the space of a night I went from brunette to platinum! It was fun.”

Where do you like to shop?

“I’m interested in fashion but I’m not obsessed by it. I just can’t fathom spending $1500 on a handbag! I like simple, comfortable things so I hit the Rose Bowl Flea Markets on the second last Sunday of every month and pick up vintage buys.”

What causes are you passionate about?

“I try to volunteer as much as I can. I’m a big supporter of the National Breast Cancer Foundation and I volunteer with Food on Foot which helps homeless people rebuild their lives. I went to a nursing home the other day and painted the nails of the women and played Bingo. I’m a fighter for all causes but I believe small things every day make a difference.”

Are you seeing anyone at the moment?

“Yes, I’m seeing someone, but it’s very new. He’s really lovely. He’s wonderful, actually.”

What are your goals for this year?

“Myself and another Aussie actress, Teresa Palmer, have started a production company. We are on the third draft of our first film. We’ve been working on it for two years. It’s something we would like to see in the market at the moment. I’d love to get into production and write stage plays. I also have a lot of weird goals. I want to get good at pottery and Salsa. I’m less obsessed about my career now than I was a few years ago. I’m still ambitious, but my priorities have shifted. I just want to make a difference and be happy.”

Thanks Tahyna, have a good night!

“Thank you. I’m off to the watch a guilty, girly show and have a hot chocolate.”

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