Stephanie Rice shares her Health and Wellness Tips!

Stephanie Rice is achieving a different type of gold outside of the pool. Here we chat with the former Olympian on her winning achievements in sunny LA, and what keeps her staying happy and grounded.

Steph Rice has added a few different adventures to her ever-expanding resume, since retiring from professional sport. Here we chat fashion, health, fitness and well being, with the household Aussie name. 

Congratulations on the creation of your first health retreat with O’Rielly’s Rainforest Retreats. How important is it for you to take time out from your busy schedule to regroup?

Thank you so much. Yes it's most definitely a focus for me to have balance in my life. Sometimes that is not always escaping to a retreat, but even just a little get away camping without technology, and to re-group and re-focus my energy. My goal for the retreats is to target girls in high school who are going through a lot of changes, and having to make huge decisions about their subjects and career choices and social life, and teach them some fundamentals of goal setting and success mindset. This way they are better able to handle the challenges and changes.   

How has your diet changed since leaving professional swimming? Are you still quite strict now, or is it more about balance?

The focus is a lot more on balance and enjoyment of what I eat. During my swimming career I was eating for fuel, now I eat when I'm hungry. I really enjoy healthy foods, more so than pizza and fast food, so its not a 'diet' for me, but I allow myself indulgences and sweets a few times a week and that makes me feel more free - I can choose what I want.

What forms of exercise are you loving at the moment?

This changes for me all the time and I do my best to listen to my body intuitively and go with that. For example, March and April were huge months on the business front, so I felt like walking outside, which was a nice balance, especially to be in the fresh air and clear my thoughts. Where as now I am loving the gym, treadmill and swimming. I'm actually doing the six week sessions that I put together for my e-book currently to test them out myself, and they are pretty challenging.

Besides a healthy diet and exercise, what else are your foolproof strategies for feeling well and happy?

Health to me is all mindset. You can eat all the kale in the world and still be unhealthy. So I am very aware of how I’m feeling and what serves me best and try to honour that when possible. I read a lot of mindset books and watch tonnes of personal development You Tube videos, so I am continually learning and growing myself. That's what I really enjoy doing and also why I love sharing my knowledge to better serve others.

Congratulations on your new range with Russell Athletic. What are your tips for taking sportswear from day to night?

Thank you so much, I really love this new range and working with Russell is a dream. I wear my workout gear almost 24/7. I'm a big fan of the loose long sleeve top that I wear to the gym in the morning when it's a little cooler and then tie it around my waist after. Plus I love a workout tank with some colour on it, especially in winter.

What three things do you always carry in your handbag?

Lip balm, phone, and credit card (obviously!). 

How are you enjoying the LA lifestyle?

I really love it, it's very similar to Australia so it was an easy transition. I find people generally don't get going here till 8 or 9am, where as in Australia there's always a bunch of people exercising from 6am onwards.

How does it feel to be on the other side of the pool mentoring and providing assistance with stroke correction and technology enhancement?

I just love it so much! The pool will always be my home and where I feel most confident, and I love getting in the water and showing my clients how to do things, because visually seeing is so much easier that explaining. Swimming as a sport isn't a huge money maker, but I do it for the fulfillment it gives me, and always have.

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