Spring Fashion Trends With Kate Waterhouse

Lifestyle YOU presenter Kate Waterhouse answers all your fashion dilemmas and offers up the goss on upcoming trends.

Kate on wedding dress style and etiquette...

Zoie3: I have a wedding to go to soon and was wondering if it is okay to wear black or is it a big no-no?
Kate Waterhouse: I think black is totally fine as long as it complies with the dress code on the invite... you can never go wrong with a little black dress! :-)

Jessica365: I am getting married soon and was wondering what your ideal wedding dress would look like and which wedding dress designers you like?
Kate Waterhouse: Hi Jess, congrats!!! How exciting! My brother has just got engaged so I have been helping his fiancé look at designers so I know the stress! I LOVE Alex Perry, I think he is by far the best. My ideal wedding dress would be white, long, nothing too puffy but it definitely needs to make a statement!;-) What are you thinking?

Kate’s fashion advice and tips...

MarkyMark: Hi Kate!!! I love your style, what's your best fashion tip?
Kate Waterhouse: Thanks Marky Mark! I would have to say that my best fashion tip is that it is always best to be overdressed rather than underdressed.

Alexa: Oh, and on trends. How do you keep on top of them? There always seems to be something new and never enough time (or money) to buy them.
Kate Waterhouse: This is true!! I stay on top of the trends because for my job I have to be up to date with all the latest looks so I’m constantly online looking at all the latest trends. But no, it’s too hard to keep buying them; my advice is to only splurge on investment pieces.

Alexa: There also seems to be a lot of dresses around. I prefer to wear pants to work (comfy and practical)
Kate Waterhouse: Yes, I prefer pants for work too! I think pants are great because you can mix and match them with heaps of different tops whereas with dresses you are stuck with only the one look.

Nicole484: What fashion suggestions do you have for women with a large bust and hips?
Kate Waterhouse: Large bust and hips - you’re lucky, the hourglass figure looks best in all clothes!! The main thing is to emphasise your waist line so belt everything!

Jessica365: I find it hard to find clothes that suit my body, what should I wear to cover my Buddha belly?
Kate Waterhouse: A Buddha belly sounds very lucky!! ;-) Tailored jackets and V-necks look great on apple shapes.

Kate on the trends for summer...

Alexa: Hi Kate, so excited to be chatting. Think you are great on YOU. I keep reading that nude is the colour of the season however I look sick and washed out when I wear it. Is there a stronger colour trend you can recommend for the season? Thank you.
Kate Waterhouse: Hi Alexa, thank you so much! So glad you are watching YOU and chatting now! I agree, it is hard to wear nude, especially if you’re fair. This season it's also all about the beautiful array of blush tones and pastels.

Jessica365: Are clogs really cool and what other trends will be big this summer? Are maxi dresses still in and what swimming costume should I buy?
Kate Waterhouse: Yes I'm afraid to say that clogs are in! I think maxi dresses are always in during summer but this season it’s all about one tone so steer away from patterns and if you’re looking to jazz it up, add a belt and accessories. Your swimsuit should depend on your shape but one-pieces are really in this summer.

Alexa: YAY for the one-piece! They really look great and are very flattering. Is one colour best for these too or is there another trend?
Kate Waterhouse: One-pieces are really flattering... this season we are seeing a lot of purples, pastels and pinks... and of course black never goes out of season when it comes to swimwear!

Kathy: Is it true that kitten heels are back?
Kate Waterhouse: Yes, the whole 50's and 60's glamour look is back and that includes kitten heels!
Amy244: I'm loving that kitten heels are back. I'm addicted to shoes and being 5'10 the platform heel trend has not been kind to me! I've been looking and haven't found many in the shops yet? Are they for summer?
Kate Waterhouse: They will be here for summer. A lot of the luxury designer brands have done them this season so it usually takes us a couple of months later to pick up on the trend.

Kathy: What’s the key summer piece for this season?
Kate Waterhouse: Denim shorts!!

Amy244: My mum is always on at me to wear stockings (or hose as she calls them). I read recently that the nude stocking is making a comeback. Is this true? I'll never hear the end of it!
Kate Waterhouse: Haha... your mum sounds like mine! Yes, nude stockings are coming back... I'm not really a fan but I’ve read that people like Beyonce and Kim Kardashian wear them all the time.

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