Rachel Hunter Reveals the Best Lessons from her 'Tour of Beauty'

We spoke to Rachel Hunter ahead of her brand new show Rachel Hunter's Tour of Beauty.

In the show, Rachel travels around the world in search of the best beauty secrets - both inside and out.

1. Why did you decide to do the show?

Imagination TV (the production company) and I were working together on New Zealand’s Got TalentWe were talking about potential projects and started thinking about the health and beauty industry. We had a long chat about modelling, wellness, longevity, superfoods… I had been brought up in a very natural way as a child. As we know here in the southern hemisphere - what we got from the shops was basically farm to table. So we looked at ideas that incorporated all these elements and there was the show. So I was in it from the beginning.  

2. What was your favourite place to visit?

I travelled to many stunning and intriguing countries, and of course there were ones I had never been to and was excited to see. But each country was unique and intriguing in its own way.

India and Morocco were two countries I hadn't been to so I found them enchanting and mystical. Whereas China was amazing for skin care products, they really do have anything you could want.  

3. Of all the people you met, who left a lasting impression on you?

Meeting Isabelle Appay in the French episode was such a great moment. Her self-acceptance is inspiring and she is a clear example of how beauty can be more than skin deep. Her wellness, health and happiness all work together. Simplicity is key!

Rachel and Isabelle Appay

4. How has this experience changed your opinion on health, beauty and wellbeing?

I never considered myself ignorant at all, but my views opened up immensely from meeting these amazing people, who I continue to talk to, that I met on the Tour of Beauty journey. They are superstars! These people to me are game changers. I love meeting with and talking to people, except people who are energy drainers.

5. What is the one piece of advice you received that stuck with you during this experience?

Self acceptance.

6. List three things you do regularly which you think contribute to your wellbeing?

  1. Meditation
  2. Yoga
  3. Food that is fresh as possible

Rachel sipping from a coconut in Fiji

7. List three things you always travel with?

  1. Pillow
  2. Rosewater
  3. Ring Renee and Liam (Rachel's children) gave me

8. Having been a part of the fashion and beauty industry for some time, did anything you experienced during this series take you by surprise?

I have a great sense of adventure and have a pretty open mind so not really. I did however struggle with the insects in the China episode!

9. What does true beauty mean to you?

I thought about this quite a lot... Being a looker on the exterior is great, but until someone opens their mouth you don’t see their true beauty. If their energy is negative it's not beautiful to me. It's easy to hide behind a picture but until we fully feel the essence of someone, it’s never complete. It’s what happens in that 'aah moment' when I feel beautiful... It's when the external and internal meet and the synchronicity of those two meeting creates this harmonious moment. To me it's living more in those moments that for me create my wellbeing, longevity, happiness.

10. What’s your opinion on cosmetic surgery? In the Korea episode you opt against the procedures, do you still feel like it’s not for you?

Not right now. But it is the right of any person that wants that done. There are these women that get too much done... They look strange. But when it comes to the story we have in South Korea how could I judge her? It's always an interesting debate!

11. How do you think you find real happiness?

Have I said 'self acceptance' yet? How can we ever be happy if we can't accept ourselves?

Rachel Hunter's Tour of Beauty will premiere tonight on LifeStyle YOU at 8:30pm AEDT.

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