Princess Catherine - Hugh’s New Playboy Bunny?

Playboy boss Hugh Hefner thinks Princess Catherine Middleton would make a great Playboy bunny!
The 85-year-old media mogul believes Prince William's new wife has the right mix of "beauty and glamour" to be a hostess in one of his clubs.

When asked if he would have liked to recruit Catherine, he told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: As a bunny you mean? Absolutely. She's a beautiful little lady and very glamorous."

The Playboy founder is currently preparing for his upcoming wedding to 24-year-old Crystal Harris but says he enjoyed taking time out to watch William and Catherine's nuptials in April, and thinks it gave everyone romantic inspiration.

He said: "I thought the royal wedding was such a glamorous event. We could do with more of that kind of thing nowadays - it injects a little romance into people."

Though as a brunette Catherine may not seem to be to Hugh's usual tastes, as he is famed for dating blonde women, he insists he has always had a soft spot for dark-haired ladies.

He said: "Because I've been in my blonde period for so long, people get the impression they're all I really care about.

"But my first wife was a brunette and besides, the truth is that most blondes began as brunettes."

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