Personal Trainer for Megan Fox Spills All!

She's known as a Holllywood sex symbol thanks to her knock-out bod. Here we chat with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak to find out exactly how he keeps Megan Fox in shape.

Megan has always been a hit with her male fans, but she is also the envy of every woman in the world thanks to her knock-out bod.

Here, Kristy Johnson chats to celeb trainer Harley Pasternak on how he trains his A-list client and gets some top fitness tips for us mere mortals.

What type of exercise program would you take Megan through?

We would work out three to five days a week. All the workouts start with a cardio warm-up and end with a cardio cool-down. That’s for a minimum five minutes in duration. It could be anything from jogging, to jumping rope, to taking the stairs. That’s phase one for a minimum of five minutes. Stage two is an upper body resistance exercise, something like a dumbbell row. Stage three is a lower body exercise, something like a reverse lunge. Stage four includes an abdominal exercise, perhaps a double plunge or a superman. Stage five ends with a cardio cool-down.

Stage two, three and four, is done in a circuit that we repeat a couple of times. The number of sets, reps and resistance changes every week, so that’s important to know. And each day of the week we train different body parts.

Your workouts suggest only 25 minutes a day. How important is quality over quantity?

I think too many people do the kitchen sink approach. They just do everything and anything and as much of it as they can, and hopefully something works. Problem is you don’t really know what of which you’re doing is essential to the results. So I think when you know what does give you the results, you really just need to go with that. Get rid of all the superfluous exercise that’s beyond that. It only just burns out your joints and makes you tired and angry, and actually increases your appetite.

What would be a good ratio between cardio and resistance training?

With the Five Factor Diet, all the workouts begin with cardio movement and the five phases of each workout. Even when you’re doing the resistance component in the middle, you’re doing them at a high enough intensity where you’re getting your heart rate at a fat burning zone. So you really look at cardio in three ways. You look at cardio as just pure cardio where your heart rate is elevated; you look at cardio throughout the day just by taking the stairs instead of an elevator, walking that extra block, and by leading an active lifestyle.

Then you have to look at your diet. I wouldn’t say cardio is a sole way to lose fat. I would consider that you need all components. They’re all essential; it’s not one or the other. And depending on who you are and what your goals are, that would change the ratio. But certainly on the Five Factor program, all the workouts start and end with a cardio warm-up and cool-down.

What would be some examples of five meals on the Five Factor Diet?

Sure. Breakfast might be Five Factor French toast, mid-morning snack could be a lovely yogurt with some fresh berries, afternoon or lunch could be a Five Factor pizza, afternoon snack could be hummus on wholegrain crackers and dinner could be a nice prawn stir-fry.

How do ‘cheat meals’ work in the Five Factor Diet?

When it comes to your free day, the rule is, it’s a free day! So it’s whatever you want it to be. If you want to have one healthy meal, have one. If you want to have two, have two. If you want to eat bad all day, eat bad all day. It’s a completely no rules, no structure, no boundaries day, and it’s whatever you want the day to be.

Interview by Kristy Johnson

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