New Year’s Resolutions by Star Sign

Unsure about your goals for the new year or how to make them stick? Follow this guide from our Astrology Expert, Kelli Fox, to find out the best resolutions for your star sign.

The time has come once again to reflect on the year that is passing and look forward to the one ahead. The practice of making resolutions for the New Year has its roots in ancient Babylon and Rome, where people made promises to their gods and reaffirmed their commitment to their chosen paths.

Just as it did thousands of years ago, the approach of January 1 stirs an urge within us to make this a better, happier, more fulfilling year than the last one. It’s the promise of a fresh start, a blank slate. The only question is, what should your New Year’s resolutions be — and how can you make them stick this time?

If you’re uncertain about what to set as your intention for the New Year, or tired of making resolutions that just don’t pan out, look no further than your Sun sign for guidance. Read on to find out all about your own, best New Year’s resolutions.


At times, you get stuck in a loop of chasing after your own goals without giving much thought to everyone else around you. Resolve to make it a habit in the New Year to commit one small, random act of kindness each day. This could be anything — holding the door for someone or even paying for a stranger’s drink at the coffee shop.


For self-indulgent Taurus, your resolution for the New Year should focus on curbing your hedonistic habits — whatever those might be. Whether your vice is spending too much money on frivolous things, eating too many sweets or lounging around when you know you should be working, it’s well within your power to gain control.


For talkative, expressive Gemini, a great New Year’s resolution is to become a better listener. As a natural communicator, you’re unusually adept at verbalizing your thoughts and feelings. You’re already quite observant, but when you consciously turn off the chatter and open yourself to receiving others’ messages, you’ll be amazed at the things you learn about the people around you.


This year, Cancer, resolve to lighten up — by letting go of emotional burdens from the past so you can move forward into the future. Your deeply feeling nature, along with your close connection to family and loved ones, means you carry old hurts and responsibilities that you may not even be aware of. It’s time to relieve yourself of those burdens that have no bearing on your current life.


This year, make a resolution to step aside and let others shine, in whatever way that makes sense in your life. This might mean committing small, daily acts, such as going out of your way to let your employer know when a coworker has done a great job, or making your friends feel extra special by telling them exactly what you love about them and why.


Efficient, hardworking Virgo — you deserve to make it your New Year’s resolution to let your hair down a little this year. In the new year, resolve to work a little less and go out with friends a little more; to let go of some of your rules and systems in favor of ushering a bit of friendly chaos into your life.


This year, resolve to increase the balance in your life. For the New Year, focus on balance within yourself. If you need to gain control of your eating or your finances, make a diet plan or a budget with occasional indulgences built in, so you’ll be a lot more sure to follow it long-term.


This year, make it your New Year’s resolution to give up some illusion of control, in whatever way that applies to your life. That might mean delving into a spiritual practice. For others, that might mean working on building up your sense of faith regarding your future path. Still others might choose to work on connecting deeply in intimate relationships without becoming possessive.


This year, make it your resolution to pursue your passion in a more focused way than ever before. No more stopping and starting, no more getting sidetracked — because, while life is definitely the ultimate adventure, you’ve got to keep an end goal in mind. Whatever that goal might be is up to you, and should be based on your particular passion.


For hardworking, dedicated Capricorn, your New Year’s resolution should be to make more time to relax, whether with friends and loved ones or on your own. Commit to building regular retreat days into your schedule — days when you do nothing more than while away the afternoon with a novel or at a day spa (and leave your smartphone at home, so multitasking is not an option!).


For Aquarius, it’s easy to make a New Year’s resolution related to improving the world around you. Progressive or humanitarian efforts are simply in your nature. This year, try making a resolution that hits a little closer to home — specifically, resolving to connect more naturally, emotionally and intuitively with your loved ones.


For selfless, nurturing Pisces, this is your year to make a New Year’s resolution to be kinder and gentler. Not to others; you’ve already got that down to an art. No, this year, resolve to demonstrate greater kindness toward yourself, and to treat yourself with the same gentle, tender respect that you afford others.

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