New Mummy Hair Care

Our Hair Expert provides his top tips for new Mums to keep their hair looking okay during those sleep deprived first months of motherhood.

As we welcome new royal baby George into the world,  and see that first pic of him wrapped snuggled in Kate's arms with Kate looking radiant, you might wonder how in the coming weeks and months Kate is going to keep her hair looking so good. So shiny and so immaculate. So bouncy. I guess we all think that she probably has some help during this time - help with the baby, in the form of her mum, William and perhaps a nanny or two during this time of little sleep, and she probably has someone who comes in to ensure she still looks good in public. Perhaps a hairdresser and make-up artist. After all what's the point of being a member of the royal family if you can't get a little help when you need it?

So where does that leave the rest of the new mums? Well, a little frazzled, a lot sleep deprived and most likely with hair that's not looking so great. It's hard enough for most new mums to get everything together to leave the house, let alone with hair that looks good. It's the last thing that new mums have time for. In my experience most new mums are lucky to get a daily shower.

So in celebration of a new royal baby here are my top tips for new mums to keep your hair looking ok during those sleep deprived first weeks and months of motherhood.

1. The cut.

Before your new bundle of joy arrives hop along to your hairdresser and get a no fuss, easy to look after hair cut. If you have relatively straight hair I suggest a cut with very few layers. Layers tend to be a little on the high maintenance side of things and require a hair-dryer or straightener to make them look good on a daily basis. During the first 6-8 weeks of looking after your newborn I'm pretty sure there just won't be time for this so if you have long, medium length or shoulder length hair a blunt cut with little or no layers is the way to go. This cut should wash and wear with ease and a little O&M Frizzy Logic to keep flyaway strands in check.

Alternatively if you have curly hair a few more layers will help keep the curl looking good with little effort and perhaps a little product like O&M's Surf Bomb

If you have short hair ask you hairdresser for a cut that will look good if you leave it longer than 6-8 weeks. A style that will grow out well in case you don't have time to get to the hairdresser for your regular trim.

2. The colour

This is not the time to be trying to maintain a hair colour that needs regular maintenance. If you have your hair coloured choose a colour that either fades well or isn't noticeable if you can't make it to the hairdresser for a bit. The easiest colour to maintain is something that is closest to your natural colour. It might not be the colour you always want to be but when you look in the mirror in the morning after being awake for most of the night, at least your hair will look ok, even if the bags under your eyes don't!

If you have your hair coloured while you are pregnant or breastfeeding consider hair colour products that have the least amount of chemical nasties like ammonia and resorcinol as possible. I love O&M colour for this reason.

3. The condition

Most pregnant women I see have the glossiest most fabulous hair. Something to do with hormones! Anyway, post birth your hair may start to look a little less, umm.. lustrous. Most new mums don't have time for a deep conditioning treatment where you have to sit around for a bit with the stuff on your hair. Most new mums are lucky to get a daily shower, so here's my time saving conditioning tip. Check out O&M's Know Knott's detangling spray. It's a conditioner that you spray onto your hair post shower and it will keep your hair looking great when time is short!

New mums need lots of help and my last tip is if you can get to the hairdresser (even for a quick wash and blowdry) go! You will feel great and look great!

Stevie xx

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