Moon Signs

Most people know what their Sun sign or zodiac sign is, but do you know what your Moon sign is?

The Sun sign describes your ego, but the Moon sign describes your inner emotional being, and your instinctive needs - for this reason, people often recognize themselves more by their Moon sign than their Sun sign, although a casual acquaintance would recognize your Sun more than your Moon. So what does your Moon sign mean for you?

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Moon in Aries

Your instinctive need is to lead and to pioneer. You are emotionally fearless, but your anger is quick to fire up. Impulsive, brave and always needing to be "first", your competitive inner nature means you will feel restless if you cannot take charge.

Moon in Taurus

Your instinctive need is to be safe and secure. You have a careful and measured emotional response, and you are slow to anger, blending common sense and reason with emotion. You will feel anxious when change overtakes you.

Moon in Gemini

Your instinctive need is to communicate. You are always keen to express your emotions and you wear your heart on your sleeve. You excel at listening and talking things through, but you will feel lonely if you cannot connect with others.

Moon in Cancer

Your instinctive need is to nurture. Exceptionally kind and sympathetic, you are however also extremely moody and emotionally changeable. You enjoy a strong emotional connection to the past, but will feel unvalued if you cannot care for others.

Moon in Leo

Your instinctive need is to be adored. Your emotions are warm, generous and creatively expressed. Hobbies and leisure time are important to your emotional health but you will feel upset when you're not the center of attention.

Moon in Virgo

Your instinctive need is to analyze. You over-think your feelings at times, and can be shy and inhibited, but you feel at your most emotionally content when you can be of service or help to others.

Moon in Libra

Your instinctive need is to relate. You feel emotionally incomplete with a close relationship, and can be needy in love. You are soothed by social interaction and friendship, but feel anxious whenever harmony is interrupted.

Moon in Scorpio

Your instinctive need is to dig deep. Your emotions are tumultuous and all consuming, and you are easily stirred into rage, jealousy or passion. Superficialities annoy you and you will feel angry when you are not in control of the situation.

Moon in Sagittarius

Your instinctive need is to explore. Emotionally restless and always looking for answers, you have a strong emotional attachment to your opinions. Travel satisfies you deeply but you will feel frustrated if you are prevented from learning.

Moon in Capricorn

Your instinctive need is to succeed. Emotionally stable and somewhat distant, you are not easily moved. Your emotions are greatly affected by your position in life, however, and you will feel worthless if you don't meet your own high standards.

Moon in Aquarius

Your instinctive need is to be free. Your emotional levels are generally cool and detached, but you do become fretful and angry if you are tied down or restricted. Your nurturing instincts are channeled into a strong humanitarian streak.

Moon in Pisces

Your instinctive need is to escape. Exceptionally sensitive, your emotions rule your life. You have tremendous empathy and intuition, but your high emotional state can lead to addiction or negative escapism at times.

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Posted by Rebecca2526Report
The moon can absolutely rule my moods! I can help but adore the moon as it is so beautiful and special. I can get lost looking into it.