Men’s Hairstyles They’ll be Regretting in 10 Years' Time

While the 70s and 80s served up plenty of giggle-worthy fodder when it came to outlandish hairstyles, the last 10 years have also served up plenty of their own.

We've compiled a list of hairstyles men will be regretting in 10 years' time.

1. The Pauly D

After Pauly D has tortured his hair into this gravity defying do (and if you’ve ever watched Jersey Shore you’ll know that it requires gel, a straightening iron, half a can of hairspray and a hairdryer), it’s tough enough to bounce a brick off.

2. The ‘subtle’ comb over

You’re not fooling anyone Donald.

3. Chunky streaks

There was a time when chunky streaks and straightened hair on men were a hot trend. Unfortunately for Billy Ray, it was only for about two minutes and he just happened to be photographed.

4. The man bun

The perfect accessory for a man bun is an artistically pained expression.

5. The tin tin

Why Victoria let him out of the house like this, we’ll never know.

6. The mop

It looks like poor Harry got into a fight with a hair dryer. And the hair dryer won.

7. Bleached blonde

We forgive you, Brad.

8. The bowl cut

Whoever on Justin’s management team decided this would be a good look to launch the singer, needs a good talking to.

9. The emo fringe

Remember when every emo rocker worth their eyeliner was rocking a carefully straightened side fringe they could sullenly peer through? Yeah, we’d rather forget too.

10. Highlights

The ‘I don’t care but oh wait I do because I have my hair artfully ombre highlighted’ look.

11. The poof

When your man uses more hair product than you do, you know there’s a problem.

12. The greaseball

C’mon Leo, no woman wants sticky fingers after running her fingers through your hair!

13. Flock of seagulls

Robert Pattinson shows us what windswept really looks like. Someone get that man some hair gel ASAP!

14. Curtains

Oh how we lusted after this in the 90s. Now, not so much. If your man is still rocking this look it’s time for him to make friends with a pair of scissors.

15. The mob

John Travolta circa Pulp Fiction is the only man in the history of ever to look good with a mob. Everyone else, just… no.


16. The modern mullet and white tips

Jared, it’s time to fire your hair dresser.

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