Mel B Wants A Baby

Mel B wants to have a baby this year.

The former Spice Girl raises three children with her husband Stephen Belafonte - her daughters, Phoenix, 12, and Angel, three, from previous relationships and his six-year-old daughter Giselle - but the couple are keen to have a child together.

Mel said: "I'm always broody. Hopefully, I'm going to be pregnant by the end of this year, or, if not, next year. I love kids."

Mel and Stephen had been friends for several years before embarking on a romantic relationship, and the 35-year-old star believes their earlier bond is the key to why they have such a strong marriage.

She told Reveal magazine: "What's the key to a happy marriage? I married my best friend. We've been mates for 10 years.

"It was never awkward because we knew each other so well. I can see how it could be awkward, but for us it was just funny."

The reality TV star was previously wed to backing dancer Jimmy Gulzar - who is Phoenix's father - and has had relationships with British actor Max Beesley, singer Peter Andre and Hollywood star Eddie Murphy, who is Angel's dad.

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