Meet the Cast of Kell on Earth

Your guide to the cast of Kell on Earth from powerhouse fashion PR company, People's Revolution.

According to Kely herself - "If you look at People's Revolution, we have nothing in common and we're all characters. But we're all devoted to the same thing. We're kind of like a whacky family. It's like a bonanza Adams Family. It's amazing! I hire based on pure intuition."


is the founder of fashion PR, branding and marketing firm People’s Revolution, and a major player in the fashion world. She lives a fast-paced, whirlwind life and is a notable force to be reckoned with in New York. Along with juggling her business representing top fashion brands and clients, organising fashion shows around the world and managing the everyday pace of People’s Revolution, she recently released a memoir, If You Have to Cry, Go Outside. She lives in Manhattan and is a proud single mother to daughter Ava.


A partner at People’s Revolution, she is the heartbeat of the agency. Cutrone refers to her lovingly and jokingly as her wife or sister. She is a break-out star in the industry and holds the business up as Cutrone pioneers the next plateau. She is currently living on the fifth floor of the office, right above Kelly's place, after the lease on her apartment ended and given the long hours she works, means she "really doesn't have a life" (by her own admission). Her sweet exterior combined with her penchant for perfection and intolerance for excuses has earned her the nickname – Snow White with Razor Blades.


A true power publicist and a partner at People’s Revolution, she helps steer the company. She has a blunt and assertive approach to work, but her no-holds-barred attitude sometimes puts her at odds with the other staff members. Emily has recently assumed the guillotine lead from Cutrone - leaving her to be the head of the firing squad this season. Bungert is an unapologetic toughie with heart of a hometown Minnesota girl.


Andrew is Cutrone’s new assistant, and acts as a sounding board and ally for the other employees at People’s revolution. While his high-end goth style may raise eyebrows, Andrew’s extensive knowledge and love of fashion makes him a valuable and beloved asset. While his long-term dream is to become a fashion stylist, he knows his time at People’s Revolution will be a huge stepping stone for him in the fashion world.


Stefanie is Cutrone’s former assistant and was recently promoted to Junior Executive. Having quit People’s Revolution once due to the long hours and the non-stop pace, Stefanie is back and has become one of Cutrone’s most beloved employees. Struggling to balance her personal life with her work life is one of Stefanie’s major conflicts, but her dedication to her job shines through in the most hectic of times.

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