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Buying jewellery is often a very personal process. Here is some fantastic styling advice from Lauren Chang Sommer, Managing Drirector of Moi Moi Fine Jewellery, to help you make the right choice!

Beautiful fine jewellery can last a lifetime and be handed down through generations. When purchasing jewellery, the best advice I offer clients is jewellery buying is a very personal purchase. Just like if you were acquiring a piece of art: always buy something that you love, that makes you happy and you feel confident wearing. You don’t need to ask for your friend’s opinion, if you love it, and it is within budget, then it is for you.

There are some basic styling tips that may be useful when shopping.

1. Choose designs that suit your face shape

Famous oval face shapes are: Charlize Theron and Jessica Alba.
- Oval face shapes are lucky and considered to have the perfect face shape, so any style necklace or earrings will suit your face shape!
- Those with Oval face shapes can wear dangling earrings, studs, big buttons and and shape or length necklace.
- With all other face shapes, the idea is to try and bring other face shapes to appear like an oval face shape. Here are some tips:

Famous Rectangular face shapes are: Gwyneth Paltrow and Julia Roberts.
- Rectangular faces need jewellery that adds width and camouflages the length and straight lines of the face.
- A high choker works well, especially if your neck is long, or a shorter U-shape necklace is also flattering.
- Rectangular faces look fab with big stud earrings or short drops that adds width. Do not wear long straight drops, it will only emphasise the length of a rectangular face.

Famous Round faces are: Kirsten Dunst and Christina Ricci.
- The aim for a round face is to add length, so try long necklaces, 28” to 32” are a good range for dimension of length.
- Avoid chokers! Elongated earrings, like hoops, rectangles, drop and dangly earrings, help lengthen the face.
- Small studs add no length and are not flattering for a Round face.

Famous heart shape faces are: Reese Witherspoon and Liv Tyler.
- A heart face is very distinct, from the cheek bones the jaw line starts to form a V. Choose accessories to add width to the chin to draw the eye away from the point of the chin.
- Chokers or opera length necklaces fill the space well, but V-shape necklaces are a disaster, especially short ones.
- Earrings that are wider at the bottom are especially flattering like dangly earrings that form a triangle or pear shape.

2. Make a statement with fun splashes of colour

Most women begin their fine jewellery collection with colourless stones like Diamond or Moissanite. Whilst these colourless stones are neutral and look amazing with every outfit, if you really want to stand out from the rest with more personal jewellery there are many spectacular colour jewels available.

Colours in jewellery can affect our moods and behaviours. For example we may feel very peaceful and loved when looking at pink jewels, or we may feel energized and fresh when wearing yellow sparklers. You may consider going with a colour stone that is your birth month. Coloured gemstones like pink diamonds, rubies, emeralds or sapphires are timeless.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have just proved that sapphires can be modern even though they are passed down the generations. Another bonus with is that the rich vivid blue of Sapphires suits every skin tone. For more colour impact look towards enamel jewellery that features vibrant, glossy strong colours.

Jewellery should be fun and colours in jewellery, can really enhance an outfit!

3. Taking care of your treasures.

When storing your jewellery, keep each piece separate to avoid scratching, take jewellery off for activities like gardening or housework, and clean every few months with jewellery cleaner. Regularly check the security of any stones. With the proper care your fine jewellery pieces should last a lifetime.

Moi Moi Fine Jewellery is Australia’s Moissanite and created jewel specialist store. Moissanite is a jewel in its own right, it is not a diamond imitation, fake diamond or synthetic diamond, rather Moissanite is a unique jewel with more brilliance, fire and lustre than any other jewel. Created diamond, ruby, sapphire and emeralds possess the same chemical, physical, structural and optical qualities as mined jewels – at a fraction of the cost.

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