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Look gorgeous tonight! We have all the hints and tricks from the marie claire and L'Oréal Paris Beauty Workshop Wrap.

Emily Taylor, marie claire associate editor – fashion & beauty, talks us through the top tips from the marie claire Beauty Workshop at the L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival.

1. Start out right

Before even considering your make-up, be sure your skin is prepped and primed. Don't load up with too many products – this can cause any colour you apply on top to slide right off. Instead, choose a moisturiser suited to your skin type and never skip sunscreen if you're going out in daylight. Remember that, even if it's cold or cloudy, those skin-ageing UVA rays will still wreak havoc on your complexion, sunny or not.

2. Be smart with foundation

When applying your chosen base, start in the centre of your face and blend outwards – that way, you'll get more coverage where you need it, and less where you don't. And remember, if you're wearing your hair up, work a little foundation up to and behind your ears and down your neck so you end up with an even skin tone.

3. Conquer concealer

We all have some beauty boo-boos we need to cover now and then. This is the rule of thumb: If you are covering a raised blemish, use a concealer that's the same colour as your foundation – never lighter. Applying light shades to any bumps will only serve to highlight the problem. If the mark is flat, one shade lighter than your base is a good idea. And always use a small brush to apply, rather than your finger, for precision results.

4. Blush right

Worn high on your cheeks, a soft mahogany-toned blush has instant "anti-aging" effects as it adds comely colour to your complexion. But remember this: never smile as you apply – this will only serve to highlight any lines after relaxing your face. Simply swirl it over the apples of your cheeks with a blush brush, working up towards your hairline and blending well as you go.

5. Consider contouring

Yes, chiseling your face with colour can be tricky and practice does make perfect. If you're prepared to give it a go, here's an easy way to start: Using a matt bronzer and an angled brush, work the colour from your hairline near your ear in a downwards motion towards the corner of your mouth. This will visually "push in" the area under your cheekbones, making them look more prominent. Do remember to blend well, though, as harsh lines will look obvious.

6. Lavish your lips

That's right, ladies, lipstick is back this winter. Choose a red-hot tomato tone for added impact, and apply it with a fine, stiff lip brush to create that precision finish. Check the line by tilting your head back and looking down into the mirror to see if you're straight. And remember: "Too much on the mouth goes south" – over-applying your lipstick is the number one cause of lipstick bleed. When you're ready to reapply a bright colour, remove all that's still there and start again.

7. Don't forget your fingers

Not just an afterthought anymore, nail colour has become a key accessory. This season, it's all about tones of taupe, orange-red and plum, although a pale, polished nude is a great everyday option, too. The most flattering nail shape is the "squoval" – not too square and not too round. Keep nails filed neat and short if you're going to opt for dark polish colours.

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