Let Your Legs Do the Talking!

Leg language refers to the non-verbal messages communicated by our legs and to the emotions, thoughts and feelings they reveal.

Our bodies shoot off over 10,000 stimuli during every interaction. And in work or social situations, more often than not it’s your legs and not your face that betray your true emotions.

The legs and feet give us invaluable information about what someone is really thinking, their attitudes and how they feel, because they are one of the last body parts that we consciously control.

Every day women subconsciously convey their emotions and what they’re really thinking through their legs and it is important that women know what they are conveying to the world, so they can be in control!

The good news is that adopting positive leg-xpressions will not only make you feel more confident but also look more positive and attractive too.

Top 3 Leg Language Tips for:


1. Never cross your legs whilst standing and avoid the scissor stance
The scissor stance is standing with one leg crossed in front of the other. This partial leg barrier is a protective gesture and an indication of insecurity or submissiveness. You’ll look defensive and insecure, or worse still, disinterested or untrustworthy.

2. Put your best foot forward
When you’re sitting place your feet slightly out in front rather than under the chair or wrapped around the chair legs. You’ll appear more interested, attentive and confident. It will also do wonders for your posture.

Avoid the Ankle or Foot Lock:
Where one foot is locked around the ankle or lower calf. It is a partial leg barrier is used to provide both comfort and hold back negative emotion and is an indicator that the person is feeling scared, anxious or uncertain.


1. Let your legs do the talking
If you’re sitting and see someone you’re interested in let your legs do the talking. Casually cross your leg whilst pointing your foot towards the person you think is attractive. This will increase your muscle tone and send a subconscious signal that you’re interested.

2. Draw his attention to your legs
Draw his attention to your beautiful touchably smooth legs and send a subconscious signal that you’re interested by slowly kicking your leg up and down in his direction, crossing and uncrossing your legs or doing the shoe dangle whilst looking at him.

3. Test if they’re flirting or just being friendly
Do the whisper and lean and angle your front foot being their legs. The angle of our legs and feet reveals a lot about what we think and our attitude and feelings towards others. We tend to move towards or angle our legs and feet towards what we like and move away from what we don’t. If he moves in closer he’s keen, if he takes a step back, you need to back off.

1. Weight on one foot
Stand with your legs apart and your weight on one foot. It gives an air of confidence, makes you look open and approachable, makes your body appear tauter and accentuates your hip to weight ratio.

2. Keep still
Excessive leg and foot movements convey negative emotion (uncertainty, anxiety, nerves, and deception) whereas still, relaxed legs and feet is often a sign of a more confident, relaxed attitude.

3. Be hair-free and fabulous
Not having touchably smooth legs affects your self-confidence, can cause you to hold tension in your legs and leak negative emotion and insecurity; it may indicate to on-lookers that your appearance is not important to you.

Australia’s leading body language and dating expert, Katia Loisel-Furey, says: “The legs are one of the last body parts we consciously control, and therefore give us invaluable insight into what others are really thinking and feeling. Veet’s Leg Language Guide will help you understand the unique power of leg language, whilst giving practical advice on how to adopt positive leg-xpressions for future success.”

You can get the complete Veet Leg Language Guide at:www.howtogettheoneyouwant.com

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