Leo: Your Full Astrology Guide for 2017

The new year is set to be a big one for Leos! Discover more from Kelli Fox. 


Powerful eclipses are set to rock your world during 2017. The first, a Lunar Eclipse on February 11, helps you break a bad habit or self-destructive cycle.

Another powerful Lunar Eclipse on August 8 will bring an intimate relationship to a crossroads. It’s a great time to get engaged or married, but this could also signal a dramatic shift in committed relationships, especially if you and your significant other haven’t been happy.

Two weeks later, on August 22, an empowering Solar Eclipse ushers in a rewarding new beginning. It’s a great time to get a makeover to celebrate a fresh, new you!


Love and Romance

You’re romantic by nature, but that doesn’t mean your love life is always smooth sailing, and 2017 may prove that. Serious Saturn could put a damper on your affectionate nature or perhaps you could lose your heart to someone special. Vulnerability is essential in love. If you can admit your fears and weaknesses to your partner, your relationship will grow stronger.

Single Leos may not be willing to get into a serious love affair until August 8, when a Lunar Eclipse shakes up your Relationship Sector. You might be inspired to throw yourself heart-first into a passionate affair!

Career and Money

With the influence of ambiguous Neptune, it will be extra important to keep an eye on bank and credit card statements throughout the year. A good time to pay off a debts is around the Solar Eclipse on February 27. Many Leos carry credit card debt due to their champagne tastes, but achieving financial freedom is worth the trouble.

If you’re looking for work, your best chances for finding employment are at the very beginning and end of the year, when the Sun, your ruling planet, will be lighting up your Employment Sector. You can hit it out of the park at job interviews during this time.

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