Lara Bingle’s Summer Beauty Secrets

The Aussie model and entrepreneur talks tanning, travel, and the creation of her new business venture, The Base.

Lara Bingle embodies classic Aussie beauty: bronzed skin, piercing blue eyes, mega-watt smile, and perfect tousled hair. It’s easy to envy her, right? Whether you are a fan or not, there’s no denying this stunner is a clever businesswoman. Creating a signature bronzing and tanning collection from scratch, The Base by Lara Bingle, is just the beginning of a new business venture.

LifeStyle's Kristy Johnson sat down for a one-on-one chat with Lara at the stunning Windsor Castle in Paddington, Sydney, to hear her beauty secrets which let's admit, we're all dying to know!

Firstly, welcome back to Sydney!

Thank you! It’s so nice being back in Sydney, when you’re not with your family all the time. I’ve been staying with my mum, and the washing’s done, and I’m like, mum I’m hungry! (laughs).  It’s been nice to be back for a little while.

What made you decide on ‘The Base’ as the name for your tanning range?

I haven’t got one of those amazing stories of how it came about. I was just travelling in the car one day. To me you need a good foundation to do everything. I believe whether it’s your relationships, your family, your wardrobe, or just the way you travel. It’s kind of built into my life like a kind of simplicity. I was just driving with my best friend and I said, I’m going to call it ‘The Base’, and she thought it was a great name. People tried to give it so many names, but sometimes you just know when it resonates with you.

Were you finding that there wasn’t anything in the market that suited you?

It was more or less that I loved a few tanning products from one range, and a few cosmetics products from another. I always had to buy a product from another brand, and then a bronzer or a contour from another. My life has been all about modelling, so I kind of chose the products that I really loved and created a collection where half of its cosmetics and the other half is tanning, but I think they go hand in hand.

Where do you hope to see the range continue to?

I’ve already started on swimwear. I think swimwear and tanning go hand in hand. And still in keeping with this, it’s only six pieces of black, it’s the very ultimate fit collection, and I’m heavily into the construction of it. Hopefully it will be ready for next year. I wanted to start in products, as that was my main focus and then grow and see where the brand evolves to.

How do you find the time to do it all?

I’m always on it! Once you start, you kind of can’t stop. I’m a perfectionist so I find it hard to let anyone else do it. I’ve done possibly everything you can think of (laughs) from the font and choice of packaging. I got a whole range made in gloss which I didn’t end up liking, so I changed to matte. I’m quite a masculine person, not really girly, so that’s why I chose brown.

It’s refreshing to see you are very involved….

In the past I’ve been the faces of places and products, and I didn’t really want to do that. I made sure everyone in my team knew that I wanted it to be ‘me’ that created ‘The Base’. I’m not here for an endorsement. I want to know the business side as well as the creative side. The creative side comes very naturally to me as it doesn’t feel like work, but the business side was quite hard at the beginning. Now I know every dollar that’s coming in and out, so it’s all been a really big learning curve. Over a year I’ve learnt how to create a business that’s solely my idea.

In your eyes, is there a hero product in the range?

I think the LB cream. I don’t like to wear much makeup when I’m not working, so I would just get the LB cream. It’s like a tinted moisturiser with more coverage. Keeping your skin clean while travelling can require more upkeep. I think less is more.

What’s your favourite travel destination?

I think I’m into every kind of summer place….Maldives, Fiji, Capri. I think doing things that are a bit out of the way, like Egypt. I really want to go to Egypt. I’m kind of used to just lying on the beach (laughs).

When do you feel most beautiful?

You always feel better with a tan I think. You’ve got that glow. In Australia it kind of epitomises that lifestyle. I grew up on the beach so tanning is a very natural thing for me.

Besides having a great tan, what else do you swear by to make you feel most confident?

I think eating well and just looking after yourself is really important. I found even in the last year that I was focusing on something, rather than just myself. I was trying to better myself, and the main focus was not on myself, but the products. I think it’s all about finding that balance by staying healthy and not overdoing it, eating well and not denying yourself. I still eat peanut butter on toast. I have an obsession, and I even travel with it! When I travel to Paris and they give you jam on toast, I’m like, where is the peanut butter?! (laughs). Or vegemite and avocado is quite good too.

How do you deal with any negativity or media scrutiny that comes your way?

I think it’s something you never get used to, but it’s also something that’s been happening to me since I was 16. It’s gotten worse over the years because I think there’s more of this ‘starvation’ of the celebrity in the industry. I think at the end of the day, if you focus on what you love, then that kind of lives out. I think it’s all about balance. I used to stress a lot about weight and keeping it all together, but if I want to go to the shop and dress like a homeless person, then I will! (laughs). People are going to write something anyway, regardless. If you feel amazing and you think you look amazing, there will still be a story written. I’ve definitely had my fair share of ups and downs, but that’s okay.

What are your favourite workouts leading up to summer?
Anything outside is really good, even just for your mind as well. I’m not a meditative person or a Yogi or anything like that, I’m really just quite normal. I created an exercise that you can do when travelling, at a hotel room or just at home. It’s using your own body weight….lots of lunges, stretching, dips and things like that. It’s the old school way! I love walking, running a few times a week, nothing too serious. I think sometimes people make it really hard when it doesn’t have to be. I used to torture myself and it wasn’t really getting me any results. I could never kind of shift, say the last five kilos. It was such a big emphasis, but I think just chilling out a bit is key. That’s what works for me, but everyone’s different.

All Australian made, The Base consists of eight products priced from AUD $12 - $39, available exclusively online. Register to stay up to date and let your summer begin with The Base.

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