Lady Gaga: 'I used to be very self-indulgent'

Lady Gaga thinks she was "very self-indulgent" in the past.

The 25-year-old singer - who is known for her love of musical theatrics - admits she spent a lot of time trying to find herself by doing drugs, and only stopped when her father caught her out.

Speaking in an interview with designer Jean Paul Gaultier, she said: "I just was partying and being very self-indulgent and trying to find myself. In hindsight, it's so dangerous and I don't encourage anyone to follow that path.

"I remember my dad, I was actually doing drugs in my parents' house one day and they didn't know I was in the bathroom. I came out and my father could tell, and I just remember feeling so embarrassed and I quit instantly."

"I care so much about my father, I'm very Italian American about those things. It was pretty instant."

Now the 'Judas' hitmaker relies on her fans - known as Little Monsters - to provide her with a better high than drugs could.

She added: "What I've come to realise about my life is the joy and euphoria I experience with my fans is far better than drugs could ever be."

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