Inside the most lust-worthy Celeb Wardrobes and Closets

Fact: some celebrity closets are bigger than your home. And they are the stuff of fashion fairytales. Here we take a peek inside!

From Khloe Kardashian's 'fitness' closet to Mariah Carey's shoe storage (1,000 pairs and counting), prepare yourself for wide-eyed wonder as we peek into the storage spaces of celebrities - and share some tips on what to try at home!

Khloe Kardashian

Daily workouts call for a dense fitness wardrobe, but you can forget your gnarly pair of Lulu Lemons and three running tops rolled into a ball somewhere under the bed. Khloe Kardashian’s ‘Fitness Closet’ is 150-square-feet of Lycra-loving wonder. Boasting suede-lined shelves, glass display cases, sunglass drawers and LED lighting, this space is packed (precisely) to the rafters with the latest colour-coded Nike and Athletic Propulsion Labs duds.


Sarah-Jessica Parker

The antithesis of Carrie Bradshaw’s matchbox-sized wardrobe - which often spilled into the adjoining pokey bathroom -  SJP’s epic former home in Greenwich Village comprised of 25-foot-wide closets, cleverly protecting the true force of the actresses’ fashion prowess. Although she and husband Mathew Broderick sold the home last year, today there is some lucky lady in New York City getting ready within the 17-by-7-foot dressing suite that Sarah once twirled and tweaked her outfits within. Although their budgets may have differed Sarah-Jessica obviously lives by Carries fashion mantra: "I like my money right where I can see it. Hanging in my closet."


Christina Aguilera

Big voice. Big Presence. Bigger wardrobe. Within her Los Angeles mansion, Christina Aguilera admits her expansive closet holds pride of place. Comprising of a shoe wall complete with shoe ‘families (think Louboutins' nestled beside McQueen’s and neighbouring YSL’s) anything wearable above the ankle has its own room. Within the adjoining ‘fashion’ storage space, the chanteuse has created ‘zones’ for different levels of get-ups; jeans and jackets in one area and a ‘glam’ room of jewels and red-carpet clobber amidst chandeliers next door.


Fergie Duhamel

A fitting room fit for her royal fashion highness comprises of the biggest bespoke closet money can buy. To create enough space for her designer wares, Fergie and husband Josh had a wall knocked down between two rooms to create ‘Fergieland’. To allow her to savor and simplify the process of selecting clothes each day, the singer has categorised each garment depending on its colour and style. But although the storage is streamlined, the interior elements are high glamour; with a boutique boudoir feel acting as inspiration for the interior elements. 


Mariah Carey

Boasting an estimated 1,000 pair of shoes, the sultry songstress saw it only fitting to dedicate 12,000 feet within her Manhattan home to heels. Complete with bleached wood floors and gold-leaf walls, you know that this Diva means business when you spy her categorized clogs; coded by colour, material and event-specific groupings.


5 Steps Closer To A Celebrity-Closet

Want a piece of the aspirational celebrity storage action? There are small steps you can make at home to revolutionise your own 'fashion' room: 

1. Colour Code

This ensures everything within your closet is much easier on the eye and the art of dressing each morning is a little less likely to involve colour clashes.

2. Stack Front To Back

When storing shoes, face one to the front and one to the back so that you can see all details – and save space.

3. Buy Ready Built

Can you fit a shelf at the bottom of your hanging space? Maybe you could add an extra hanging rack below shirts? Always plan ahead when working with your wardrobe and consider ready-made storage units to prioritise space.

4. Think Outside the Square

If your shoes are true works of art, why not utilise part of a bookshelf to display them within your bedroom? A cluster here and there – even in a simple Ikea bookshelf – perched on a stack of fashion coffee table books can prove a chic storage-meets-display piece.

5. Hang Smart

Don’t mix your coat hangers. Instead, stick with a streamlined style all the way through so that clothes hang perfectly vertical and there are no lumps and bumps that can take up extra room and create unwanted creases in the process.

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