I tattooed my eyebrows and never looked back

If I had a dollar for every beauty story I’d written about brows, I would be able to weave mine in a 24K gold thread. Twice.

Ever since Cara Delevingne stormed the catwalks - and our social media feeds – with her bold, brazen brows, they have been the want and wish of every woman.  

This poses a problem for little old me because back in 1992, when Kate Moss draped herself on Marky Mark sporting eyebrows skinnier than a malnourished caterpillar, I followed suit. Unfortunately, Mr. Wahlberg was not included in the mix, but I did reach a gold medal standard of tweezing. Today, my eyebrows have revived themselves, but my brutality has left them weak, fearful and far from full. I needed to call in the big guns. 

Amy Jean, undisputed eyebrow doyenne of Australia, was the only option. Her expertise - favoured by Chloe Morello, Delta Goodrem, Naomi Campbell and Danni Minogue was the stuff of legend. I was confident that time was right to bite the bullet and get a brow tattoo. Or two.

But believe me, it sounds more sinister than it is. Amy Jean’s ground-breaking feather touch brow is achieved via a micro-pigmenting technique used to fill out sparse brows, create symmetry and fullness. A harsh, unforgiving lifelong tattoo it is not.

The feather touch technique involves individual hair customised to each client to mimic the natural brow line Amy tells me. “If you’re looking to enhance your brow line then it is crucial to work with the existing hairline and colour to create a natural effect. Every individual is unique and I never blindly follow trends," she assures. This bespoke and incredibly realistic approach is beneficial for alopecia sufferers and cancer patients who have lost their hair, through to younger women with overly fair brows and older clientele with patchy hair patterns. “If there is little to no hair then we use a three-dimensional technique where darker and lighter pigments are used alongside one another to create a completely natural appearance,” Amy explains.

November 2016

I made the booking for my feather touch brow tattooing last year. Yes, they are that hot right now you need to wait in line ladies! When you book for the treatment, you also secure a ‘perfecting’ appointment two weeks on. (The first date is for the tint, and the follow-up provides a top up, perfecting the placement and shade once it’s had a few weeks to settle.)

February 2017

First up, the brow bone area is cleaned and sterilised, and a numbing cream applied. This takes hold over several minutes before my therapist, Dennis takes to my brows with the patience and creativity of an artist to a canvas. There is a little tweezing and a lot of painstaking planning while he outlines the ideal symmetrical brow. Together we then workshop the shape ahead of the procedure. 

When I saw this ‘draft’, my potential new look hit home. Was my face made for brows so commanding? So 'beauty blogger brilliant'? Taking it all in; the new balance they gave my eyes and the uplifting and youthful effect I saw amazed me. I farewelled any further trepidation as it took flight out the window and put myself back in Dennis's capable hands. 

The process saw Dennis ‘scratch’ hairline strokes into the numbed brow area that the tint would inhibit. In the world of ‘sounds worse than it is,' this one is up there. In fact, it did not hurt at all. The sensation was akin to having masking tape over your brow and someone scratching it.

Then a hypo-allergenic pigment was implanted into the skin in gentle rubbing motions, and anesthetic was then applied again to decrease any discomfort.

A few more hairline strokes were made, and before I knew it, it was all over. As for the reveal, well, I was ecstatic. I felt so fresh, so balanced and so awake (when in reality I was none of the above.) There was no pain and – although the brows were a lot darker than I’m used to – I was assured this would fade within the next few days.

Dennis instructed me to keep the area clean and dry for up to ten days (i.e., no cleansing or washing of the brow) so the pigment could settle, and the skin could heal.

Day 2 + 3

Although I had been told that the tint would darken before it would lighten, I spent the next two days in dark glasses and a cap. I felt very self-conscious. My thick and dark brows were not my own. What had I done? This didn’t fit, this wasn’t me - and it bloody well itched! My young son noticed, my husband looked beguiled, and I was feeling a tiny tinge of regret about it all – especially when the words ‘tattoo’ and ‘face’ came out of my mouth by way of explanation to my curious and confused sisters. However, re-reading the pamphlet about the procedure, it became clear that this was the norm. I had to weather the storm for the next few days until the pigment had settled and the skin, healed.

Day 4

Here I am, sans cap, without glasses writing this triumphant beauty story in a very public café proudly flaunting my new face. I’m thrilled. The itching has diminished, and the tint seems to have settled. Now the hair lines are not as dramatic, and the entire area appears to have become more aligned. I am so happy I had this done. I have a follow-up visit in two weeks, but for now, all I can say is this is one treatment I will not regret.

Now to burn all those brow pencils! 

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Posted by Jeanette354Report
Oh dear, not what I call a good look, too thick it actually looks like they have been coloured in.
Posted by Angel55Report
Oh dear, you don't know much about tattooed brows. The last photo was day 4. Those brows are not even healed. When they are healed they will not be as dark and will blend in beautifully.