6 Simple Steps To Perfect Brows

Thanks to bushy-browed celebrities like Cara Delevingne and an explosion of innovation in products, eyebrows are no longer an afterthought in the beauty world. Walking out of the house without the addition of a brow gel or pencil? You might as well be stepping out without underwear on! 

But navigating your way through the swathe of new tools, shapes and styles can be overwhelming. Here we reveal how to bring your brows up to date with the best beauty buys and advice a girl could ask for.

Step 1 Find your perfect shape

When it comes to brows, there’s no one size — or shape — fits all. Some people look amazing with flat, fluffy brows while others are born to rock a pronounced arch. So how do you figure out what works for you? According to Benefit Cosmetics National Brow Artist, Hannah Mutze, it’s time to do some “brow mapping”. “A flattering brow should always start, arch and end in a certain place. These three points, when measured correctly, ensure a flattering and face-framing brow that suits YOU,” explains Hannah.

“Firstly, measure vertically up from your nostril; where this line intersects your brow is where they should start. Then, measure diagonally from the edge of your nose through the centre of your pupil; where this line intersects your brow is where your arch should be (highest point of the brow). Lastly, from the edge of your nose, measure diagonally aligning with the corner of your eye; again, where this line intersects with your brow is where the brow should end.”

Step 2 Tread (and pencil) carefully

Good brow pencil technique is everything. According to Amy Jean Brow Agency founder Amy Jean, a light touch goes a long way. “Never draw in the start of your eyebrow too fiercely - it’s incredibly harsh and ageing,” says Amy Jean, who counts Dannii Minogue and Delta Goodrem among her clients, “Apply your product lightly at the start of the brow line, then build colour gradually into the arch and tail.” 

Step 3 Make friends with highlighter

Highlighter on your brow bone adds definition and turns back the clock. “This simple trick instantly creates a more defined-looking arch, brightens the eye area and lifts the entire face. Draw a line of a brow highlighter like Benefit’s High Brow Eyebrow Highlighter, $38 under your arch - along the brow bone - and blend,” explains Hannah.

Step 4 Choose the right shade

It sounds simple but to create a seamless look, the colour of the products you use to define your brows shouldn’t be drastically different from their natural colour. “Every client’s preference and interpretation of what ‘dark’ is will vary. Generally speaking, when tinting you will go no more than 1 to 2 shades richer. If someone is sparse, we would simply use a similar colour but aim to stain the fluffy hair amongst the brow and not make them appear any darker, just fuller,” explains Amy Jean.

Step 5 Brush up

If your brows have fallen victim to over-tweezing don’t despair - it’s not too late to get some regrowth happening. Firstly, put down the tweezers, then brush your brows. “The simple act of brushing your brows with a brush stimulates the skin beneath, encouraging blood flow which can lead to new growth,” explains Hannah. “Also, would you take a bad haircut into your own hands? I doubt it – and the same applies to brows! Seek professional help. A Benefit brow expert will be able to guide you on the journey to bigger, better brows. A brow tint and re-shape can completely transform even the most tadpole of brows.”

Step 6 Consider making a long-term commitment

Tattoos? On your eyebrows? Yep, it's a thing! Thanks to brilliant technology, brow tattooing (or micro-blading) is subtle, affordable and can ensure your brows are looking their shiny best day in, day out. “Brow tattooing has many options. You can fill the brow to look ‘powdered’ using an airbrushed technique we refer to as a MIST brow tattoo. Alternatively, you can opt for fine strokes throughout the brow to mimic real hair which is referred to as Feathering,” explains Amy Jean, who helped to pioneer the micro-blading movement in Australia several years ago. “These days cosmetic tattooing is much more topical than yesteryear. Organic pigments are lightly micro-pigmented into the outer layers of the skin and are only meant to last 12 to 18 months. This leaves room for changes in shape or depth of colour every 1 to 2 years. Cosmetic tattooing is a great option for women with sparse or over-plucked brows. It’s also a great time saver for women who train or swim regularly.”



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