How to pick the perfect red lipstick for your skin type

As clichéd as it sounds, nothing screams confidence like a show-stopping red lippy. Crisp white shirt, power pants, red lips – oomph! Instant appeal.

If you've tried to emulate Gwen Stefani's pout to no avail, you might want to rethink your selected stain. When deciding on a red lipstick, there are two questions you need to ask yourself: "What finish do I want?" and "What tone of red do I want?"

Firstly, decide whether you want a matte, creamy or glossy finish. Professional makeup artist and founder of This June, Jessica Bérullier, explains that a gloss finish often suits daytime events and a matte finish is perfect for evening events; while a creamy finish is your go-to in between.

When choosing the tone of you lip colour, Jessica says lipsticks fall under three categories: blue-based reds (the most ‘classic’ commonly known ‘true red’), orange reds and pinky reds.

But which lip colour suits which complexion? 

Fair complexion

“Normally a bright red with blue undertones adds vibrancy to a pale complexion,” Jessica explains. “A classic bright, cool-hued red also helps teeth appear whiter! Try M.A.C's Ruby Woo matte lipstick ($36)." 

Medium complexion

“People with medium complexions tend to have more yellow in their skin, so an orange-based red can brighten instantly and balance out your complexion, giving enough definition to your skin,” Jessica says. "NARS' Heat Wave (approximately $40) is my go-to orange-based lippy."

Darker complexion

“Darker skin often means that the natural colour of your lips is also darker,” Jessica points out. “Darker lips can sometimes look grey if a blue-based red is added. Pinky reds are perfect for darker complexions and create a beautiful contrast to your face.” Jessica recommends YSL Rouge Pur Coutour #202 (approximately $47).

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it's a great time to perfect your pout and pucker up. So, go on, get testing! 

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