How To Look Naturally Beautiful

Whenever you open a magazine, switch on the TV or browse the internet you are confronted with images of airbrushed, heavily made up, cosmetically-altered women.

But you can be beautiful without covering your face in makeup, dying your hair or having cosmetic surgery, says naturopath, nutritionist and author Julie Maree Wood.

"It's about feeding yourself on the inside, eating the right foods, drinking lots of water, those sorts of things but... it is also feeding your soul," says the author of health and wellbeing book, 60-Second Secrets.

"If you see someone, regardless of how pretty we might think they are .. if they have got a shine in their eyes and a bit of a spring in their step everyone thinks they look great."

You don't need to spend a fortune on products to have glowing skin and lustrous locks, Woods says.

If you exercise, eat foods rich in anti-oxidants (such as berries), and take time out to do the things you love you will naturally start to look more attractive.

"(If) someone has got a ready laugh, lovely shiny eyes ... and is enthusiastic about life then I think most people think that looks really beautiful," Wood says.

"(Find) five minutes a day to yourself doing something you love, listening to your favourite song, meditating, going for a quick walk, having a read, whatever it is to feed your soul, to give you that shine in your eyes."

For food your skin will thank your for, try a berry smoothie made with yoghurt or if you want healthy hair and nails eat foods rich in silicon like leafy green vegetables.

A homemade musli with nuts, oats and rolled barley with fresh berries on top is a good super food for your skin, Wood says.

To refresh your face mix a tablespoon of natural yoghurt with a table spoon of honey and lie down with two slices of raw potato over your eyes for five minutes.

"(Another) really nice one for the skin is a little bit of salt and a little bit of sugar in your hands with a couple of drops of lavender essential oil, mixed up and used as a body scrub," she says.

If your hair is looking a bit dried out Wood suggests rinsing it with beer after using shampoo and conditioner.

"Beer gives your hair a really nice shine," she says.

Raw eggs are also great for revitalising your hair but make sure you rinse them out with cold water so they don't start to cook in your hair.

A veggie juice of carrot, beetroot, celery and apple is a great detox which can help clear up your skin, Wood says.

"It is a really good flush out but it also feeds the skin really well."

If you have had a big night and your eyes are puffy try lying down with slices of cucumber over your lids for a few minutes.

"A bit of shine on your lips (also) takes the attention away from tired eyes so something like a non-petroleum based paw paw ointment on your lips is going to give you a nice shine," Wood says.

And if women were only a bit more supportive of each other it would be much easier to feel comfortable in the skin we're in.

"I think we are the harshest judges of each other, it is generally women talking about how other women look.

"Men tend to be more accepting and not as critical.

"If we looked a little bit deeper and weren't quite as critical... I think that would really help our beauty outlook."

Tips for natural beauty

Looking beautiful doesn't have to break the bank. Here are some tips for looking beautiful, the natural way:

* Eat foods rich in silicon, like leafy green vegetables, for healthy nails

* A homemade muesli with nuts, oats and rolled barley with fresh berries, or a berry smoothie, will feed your skin

* Try a facial of natural yoghurt with a table spoon of honey

* Wash hair with raw eggs or rinse with beer after shampooing and conditioning, for extra shine

* Detox with a juice made of carrot, beetroot, celery and apple

* Refresh puffy or tired eyes with slices of cucumber

* Use a non-petroleum based paw paw ointment to give your lips a shine

* Feed your soul and put the shine back in your eyes by taking five minutes out every day to do something you love

By Chi Tranter

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Steps To Be Taken To Look naturally pretty Without Any Make-Up.
Take Rest – A Proper Rest
Take Shower Daily
Exercise Regularly
Use Sun Screen. For more information about Beauty Products Visit at sleekhair Website.