How to Get a Picture-Perfect Fake Tan!

It’s that time of year when Christmas parties are popping up, and the last thing you want is pasty, dull skin! Just like celebrities, tanning can be a great way of getting that faux-glow. Follow our guide to getting a picture-perfect tan.

With our top tips, you'll look perfectly sun-kissed and glowing in no time.


If you’re going to be a regular to tanning, be sure to exfoliate weekly with a product such as Shisiedo Global Body Refining Body Exfoliator. This will ensure you avoid any build up of product, as numerous layers of tan can result in an uneven finish.


Be sure to plan any waxing or hair removal at least 24 hours before you start to tan.


The last thing you want is a patchy tan and this can come from failure to remove dry skin. You want your skin to be as silky as possible, and you can do this by simply moisturising. The night before, give yourself a good all-over polish with a product such as Elucent Body Moisturiser. Make sure to moisturise those problem areas well such as wrists and hands, elbows, knees, ankles and feet.


You want your palms to be tan-free. Try using latex gloves or an applicator mitt such as Le Tan Application Mitt when beginning to tan. Then simply sweep the backs of hands with self tan diluted with moisturiser. Another option is to use a tan remover such as ModelCo Tan Remover to take away any unwanted colour. This can generally be used for up to four hours after tanning.


To ensure you don’t miss any bits, be cautious to cover the entire skin surface. If you go over the same area twice, it’s okay, as patchy tans only occur when you miss a spot.

Be Gentle

You don’t need to apply a lot of pressure, when applying your tan. Gentle smoothing is all you need, and then just allow the product to do its job.


As the tan is beginning to develop, try not to wash your hands too much. Try to allow the tan to absorb into the skin for a minimum of two hours before washing your hands. If you need to cleanse, try using a hand sanitiser or wipes such as Australis 3in1 Wipes.


If you’re after a really deep, rich bronze tan, then you’re going to have to reapply on successive days – two to three days in a row. Once your first layer of tan is on the skin for the required amount of time, it will give you the natural-looking tan you’re after.

Avoid Tight Clothing

Once you’ve applied the tanning product to skin, avoid any tight-fitting underwear and clothes. What may result is patchy skin. Wear loose, dark clothing while you wait for the product to do its magic.


The hands and face are the first parts of the body to fade, so reapply a facial tanner to the face and backs of hands to keep your skin glowing and looking fresh. To boost the skin over the rest of the body, try using an intensifier such as St Tropez Prep and Maintain Tan Enhancing Moisturiser every two to three days. Also remember to moisturise too throughout the week.

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