Lorna Jane's tips for finding the perfect sports bra

Finding the best sports bra for your body is no easy task, but there is one out there for everyone and active-wear expert Lorna Jane Clarkson is here to help us find it.

We’ve all experienced the pit falls of wearing the wrong sports bra. Whether it’s the struggle of trying to take off a sweaty, too tight crop after a tough workout or having to make calculated decisions on how much we’re going to commit to those jump squats – the wrong bra can have a big impact on your workout as well as your body.

A quality sports bra that fits you properly makes all of the difference, so here are Lorna's, founder of brand Lorna Jane, top tips for finding your perfect fit: 

Don’t guess your size

The right size and fit are as important for your sports bra as it is for your regular bra, says Lorna. “Wearing your bra too tight can damage your delicate breast tissue (and give you a headache!) and too loose won’t provide enough support to prevent bounce,” she adds. Given this, it’s surprising that around 80 per cent of us are wearing the wrong bra!

There are so many options when it comes to sports bras that it can be easy to pick up the wrong size, but the best way to avoid this is to get properly fitted by a trained professional, in store. 

“The fit should be firm, but not uncomfortable, and your breasts should feel secure but not squashed,” Lorna advises. “When you’re trying on, jump up and down, move and stretch to make sure that the fit remains firm and comfortable.”

Invest in fabric

It may come as a surprise but the type of fabric your sports bra is made out of is very important.
“Avoid fabric that isn’t moisture wicking and breathable (e.g. cotton and non-wicking fabrics),” Lorna suggests. “These fabrics absorb sweat and moisture and hold it close to your skin, which is not just gross and uncomfortable, it can also irritate your skin and be a breeding ground for bacteria.”

Instead, look out for quality technical fabrics that offer full support, coverage and stretch, as well as moisture wicking and breathability to keep things fresh. “If you tend to get really hot and sweaty during your workouts, consider styles with mesh panelling and designs with ventilation that allow more air flow to help keep you cool,” Lorna says.

Match style to activity

While you may have found ‘the one’, unfortunately one sports bra isn’t going to cover you for every activity. “As versatile as they can be, sports bras are designed with key activities in mind, so wearing the wrong style or support level for the wrong activity can end up with you being uncomfortable,” Lorna advises.

For high-impact workouts, Lorna suggests looking for sports bras that offer maximum support with thick bands, adjustable straps and clasps for customisable support. “If you have a larger bust, styles with a higher neckline provide additional support and coverage,” she adds. Meanwhile, lower-impact workouts such as yoga require free movement so look for soft bands and seamless fabrics for comfort.

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