How an enzyme therapy facial finally fixed my tired skin

If you are keen to reverse or slow down the ageing process – let’s be honest, who isn’t! -  there’s a non-invasive, life-changing facial you need to know about.

The Enzyme therapy facial from DMK isn’t your average facial. First off, the skin care company uses biochemistry to formulate skin care therapies, meaning that the treatments work with your internal systems to achieve the best results.

The Enzyme therapy treatment is based on creating a healthy place for cells to live so that they thrive and produce healthy skin. Sounds simple enough, but there is a great deal of science and research behind it.
Founder of the brand, Danne Montague King says Enzyme therapy is so effective because it works deeper than the surface of the skin and works with the body’s natural systems.

“DMK Enzyme therapy treatments are designed to rebuild the skin’s core strength to make it healthier and more vibrant,” Danne says.

“Enzyme therapy enhances optimal skin functioning by working with internal systems to increase circulation, oxygenation and lymphatic drainage tightens and strengthens the skin through enhanced collagen production.

“Reverse osmosis flushes through the cells helping to clear toxins and free radicals, increasing free water levels leaving the skin bouncy and youthful.”

How it works

The treatment – which is loved by celebrities Zoe Marshall, Danii Minogue and Lauren Curtis to name a few – takes 1 hour and 45minutes.

Like all good skin treatments, the process starts with a skin consultation which takes into consideration your diet, exercise, and lifestyle. This helps to determine any contributing factors to problem skin.

This is followed by two deep cleanses of the skin – the second cleanse draws out any toxins and impurities in the skin – and an Amino acid exfoliate which prepares your skin for the Enzyme therapy mask.

But be prepared. While it is a relaxing experience, this isn’t a massage-style facial.

Once the Enzyme mask is applied, your therapist will also attach you to a Dermafield machine to help mimic your sleep patterns and encourage you to relax.

The mask stays on for 45 minutes. For the first half an hour it feels like a normal face mask, but in the last 15 minutes, it really kicks into action.

You start to feel a pulsing across your whole face and the mask starts to tighten, this is when the enzyme therapy really starts to work by flushing fresh blood and nutrients throughout the skin network, oxygenating the skin tissues and improving lymphatic drainage to detoxify the skin.

At this point, my therapist returns to give me a hand massage, the perfect distraction from the skin pulsing sensation.

Once the mask is removed, you can instantly see the reaction your skin has had. This is called the plasmatic effect and you can see red blotches where your blood vessels have delivered oxygen and blood to your skin. A strong plasmatic effect is a good indication that the therapy has worked well on your skin.

The treatment ends with a range of gels and serums being applied to the face that help to boost skin immunity and produce collagen – who doesn’t need an extra collagen boost!

The verdict:

My tired-looking skin has never felt better! While traditional facials are all about rest and relaxation of the skin, this facial works in the opposite way and kick starts the skin factory to get it moving - and it was just the boost my skin needed.

My skin felt fresh, revitalised and the bags under my eyes almost completely disappeared - an unexpected bonus!

The DMK philosophy is based very much on holistic, healthy skin and I certainly continued to feel the effects for days after.

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