Horoscopes: What is your Office Personality?

Who are you at the office — the busy worker bee, the joker in the break room or the ambitious corporate ladder-climber?

Ever felt like you don't fit in at work or wondered why you just cant get along with certain colleagues? Like so many aspects of life, there are plenty of lessons you can learn from astrology. 

Your star sign has everything to do with how you approach the workplace, what makes you excel and which job positions make you happiest.

Find out all about your office personality, according to the Stars, below! 


is a go-getter at the office. Ambitious and competitive, you know what you want now and what position you want to be in. Best of all, you know how to make it happen. Just be sure to keep a handle on your lightning-quick temper. It isn’t wise to snap at coworkers, and especially not your supervisor!


is fine with the daily grind. Whatever’s on your to-do list, you’re adept at putting your head down and getting it done. Loyal to your employer or company, you take pride in a job well done. The only problem? You might stay in a dead-end job, preferring the comfort of familiarity to taking a risk on a new direction.


is the witty, chatty one at the office. You can often be found gossiping in the break room or instant-messaging jokes to your coworkers. You make work fun for everyone, but sometimes it’s tough to focus and follow through on your task list. Good thing you’re adept at talking your way out of tight spots and into exciting opportunities!


is the nurturer of the office — the one who’s always concerned about others. You treat your coworkers like family, which is why you hate getting caught up in office politics — they make you cranky! And when someone takes advantage of your hard work or nurturing nature, it can feel like a deep betrayal.


knows how to make an entrance at the office, just like everywhere else. You come to work dressed to the nines, and your favorite coworkers are the ones who shower you with adoration. After all, you’re worth it: You work hard, you’re a natural authority figure, and you’re loyal to your brand or employer, as long as you’re being treated well.


is happiest in a job that utilizes your acute attention to detail. You love fact-checking and editing, and even cleaning brings you a sense of satisfaction. Coworkers sometimes take advantage of that quality, leaving you to tie up their loose ends. After all, they know you’ll do a thorough job.


works best when it’s a team effort. You’re excellent at diplomacy because you can’t stand conflict between coworkers, which makes you a great manager — you know how to make everyone feel valued and heard. On the flip side, it can be hard to speak up or put your foot down, even when you know you’re in the right.


is excellent at matters of finance and security. You also love office gossip, and you tend to know everyone’s secrets. Focus and reliability are your strong points. You’re at your best when you’re managing teams of people, sensitive information or large sums of money.


is a dreamer, which makes you great at any job that capitalizes on your vast imagination. You’re an asset at team meetings when it’s time to brainstorm new strategies for the company. You can’t stand office politics, so as long as everyone is acting above-board and being treated fairly, you make a fun, easygoing coworker.


is the hardest-working employee at the office. You show up early and stay late, and no matter what, you get the job done. After all, your reputation is at stake — and that means everything to you. You don’t mind starting at the bottom and working your way up, because you know honest work leads to great things in the future.


is the forward-thinker at the office — the one who’s always coming up with new and innovative ways to tackle old problems. Brainstorming is your strong point, in part because you know how to put action behind ideas and make them a reality. Your coworkers may find you a little odd, but that’s okay with you. In fact, that’s how you prefer it!


is everyone’s confidant at the office. You remember your coworkers’ birthdays and even their children’s names, and you keep up with the news in their lives. You cheer on their triumphs and share in their struggles, both personal and professional. Sometimes, your caring heart can leave you open to being taken advantage of by unscrupulous colleagues.

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