Girly Chat With Kate Waterhouse

We hosted a live online chat recently with Lifestyle YOU presenter Kate Waterhouse. For those who missed it, check out her answers to questions about fitness, beauty, her boyfriend Luke and how to get a job in fashion.

Kate on her career...

Karen598: I am so jealous of your fashionable job. How did you get to where you are today?
Kate Waterhouse: I kind of fell into it... I studied a Bachelor of Arts in media and communications and while I was studying I started writing socials for a newspaper and after that I started at The Sun-Herald as their fashion editor - yes, I feel very lucky, it’s my dream job.

MarkyMark: Did you always know you wanted to get into fashion journalism or did that just kind of happen naturally?
Kate Waterhouse: It kind of happened naturally. I actually studied graphic design when I first left school because I was really into art. I soon moved into studying journalism but at first I didn’t know what media I wanted to pursue but once I started writing I fell in love with it and then TV followed soon after.

MarkyMark: Kate, you're such a natural on the tele, do you find it nerve-wracking or does it just come naturally now?
Kate Waterhouse: Thanks Mark, that is so nice of you but oh my gosh - I always get nervous!!

Alexa: I just watched The September Issue - which I loved - is your office like this?
Kate Waterhouse: I wish!!!...Haha. I loved that movie too! There were some similarities in the movie but we don’t have anything like that amazing wardrobe!!

Alexa: Would you ever consider designing your own fashion line? Or perhaps working with someone on a collection?
Kate Waterhouse: Yes, that would be a dream come true! Hopefully one day down the track... fingers crossed!

Kate on online shopping and fashion websites...

Melissa317: Where do you love to shop online?
Kate Waterhouse: net-a-porter

MarkyMark: What are your fave fashion websites?
Kate Waterhouse: net-a-porter, Rachel Zoe,, and also there is a new really cool guy’s website that just launched called so check it out!

Kate on her fave places to shop...

Nicole484: Just wondering where your favourite places to shop are in Oz?
Kate Waterhouse: I love Glenmore Road in Paddington, Sydney.

Alexa: I live in Melbourne - do you have a fave place to shop there too? We used to have a lot more original/different places to shop however we seem to be getting a lot of the same, same types of shops now.
Kate Waterhouse: Yes I agree with that about Melbourne... I used to find a whole heap of interesting stores but they do seem all a bit the same now. But I can’t go past Chapel Street and Greville Street, especially when it’s a nice day to stroll in the sun. Where do you suggest to shop in Melbourne?
Alexa: I like Greville Street and Union St in Armadale and the new DJs is fantastic and some of the laneways are great too.
Kate Waterhouse: Yes, I can’t wait to see the new Melbourne DJ's and check out the Miu Miu store there! I’ll check it out during the Melbourne Spring Carnival.
Kathy: What is the best international destination for shopping?
Kate Waterhouse: I love Milan, Italy!!

Kate on shoes...

Amy244: Where do you buy your shoes? You always seem to have amazing shoes?
Kate Waterhouse: Thanks Amy! If I go overseas I try and do most of my shopping while I’m away so I don’t have the same as someone else here but DJ's have really good shoes and also Double Bay's Cosmopolitan shoes are unbelievable!

Elizabeth272: Could you tell me what your favourite items in your closet are right now?
Kate Waterhouse: I recently bought some nude coloured Balenciaga shoes that I'm obsessed with right now.

Kate’s style muses...

Nicole484: I really like your style. Whose style do you like and which celebrities do you think get it soooo wrong?
Kate Waterhouse: I love celebs like Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, Victoria Beckham and Sienna Miller. I think the celebs who get it wrong are Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Heidi Spencer.

Jessica365: Totally agree about Britney and Lindsay Lohan! Are there any Aussie celebrities you think dress well?
Kate Waterhouse: Yes of course! I actually LOVE Lara Bingle's style, she has the "Aussie-glamour" look down pat – it’s beachy and relaxed yet still glamorous. I also love Miranda Kerr's style - she would look good in anything! And Jodi Gordon always looks stylish.

Kate on what she wears when she goes out...

Elizabeth272: Just want to know how you choose what to wear to events?
Kate Waterhouse: It all depends on the event but if it’s a small soiree after work I just wear whatever I’m in from the office but if it’s a black-tie do or the races it takes a little bit more effort. I wear a lot of Aussie designers so I try and mark all the things I like during Australian Fashion Week and make a mental note of them to try and wear them on various occasions.

Kate on how to dress your man...

MarkyMark: Oooooh that’s great, I'm going to now. Do you love dressing Luke up btw? :-)
Kate Waterhouse: Haha... I try and dress Luke up but he has it pretty much down pat! :-)

Elizabeth272: Good question Marky Mark! Kate, how do I get my man to dress better?
Kate Waterhouse: I think keep it plain and simple... if he is anything like my man, (who just wears the same thing for years and years) I suggest that he wear things that won’t date too quickly. That’s why plain t-shirts in various colours work best. Men also look great in structured clothing, when it comes to suits it should always be slim-line and fitted.

Kate on her beauty routine and fave products...

Nicole484: Can you tell me what your beauty routine is and what products you use? Especially for your hair and skin because you always look great!
Kate Waterhouse: Thanks Nicole, that is very sweet of you! I use facial products called Priori - you can get them at most beauticians and they are amazing! With my hair I’m loving Moroccan Oil at the moment... it does wonders, it’s so hydrating for your hair.
Alexa: I'm hesitant about Moroccan Oil - I've been nervous to try it fearing it will it leave my hair greasy?
Kate Waterhouse: I was hesitant too but seriously it doesn't make it greasy. Once I tried it I have never looked back, but if you’re worried they recently brought out a 'light' one which I hear is really good.

Kate on her fitness plan...

Elizabeth272: Hi Kate, do you go to the gym? What sort of fitness plan do you follow? I am so slack when it comes to working out. I lack the motivation! Do you diet?
Kate Waterhouse: No, I’m lucky I don’t have to diet, my whole family is naturally thin but yes I still work out but it’s more to gain muscle than to lose weight. I would be a couch potato if it was up to me so that’s why I have a personal trainer... Ben Lukas from Vision Training, he is amazing, even though I hate training at the time, I always feel so much better after it. I truly believe it’s good for your mind, body and soul.

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