Get Gorgeous Hands and Feet

Keep your hands and feet manicured and pedicured.

• Pamper your feet every two weeks. So shape your nails, cut your cuticles and scrub your feet to make them nice and soft. Hairy toes are a big no-no unless you're a hobbit: do whatever is necessary – plucking, waxing, shaving – to get rid of them.

• When you're filing your nails, it's important to file from outer edge to centre. If you see-saw across your nail, chances are you'll split it which will weaken your nail in the long run.

• Always wear a base coat – that way your nail polish will go on smoothly and make it last longer. If you are wearing black or bright colours, a base coat will help to stop you staining your nails.

• To apply nail polish, start a little way away from the cuticle and drag the colour down towards the tip. Then buff the colour back – drag it backwards to get a neat finish.

• Use the three-stripes rule: apply the varnish down the middle of the nail and then either side, leaving the space round the cuticle. This gives a professional finish as there's a little gap at the edge of your nail.

• Make sure you don't put big gloopy layers of varnish on – thin layers work best. Apply two coats – this will prevent any unevenness from appearing.

• When you apply your nail polish use a little cotton bud dipped in nail varnish remover so that as you apply your colour you can use the cotton bud to clean up any spill over.

• Wear a top coat, otherwise your nails will chip much faster. Every day apply a fresh layer of top coat and your manicure will stay perfect for a week.

• Wearing dark-coloured nail varnish can lead to discolouration, making the nail look yellow so alternate between light and dark shades.

• For every three weeks that you wear a nail colour go for one week without to give your nails a chance to breathe.

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