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Most of us will never have the opportunity (or courage!) to shed our clothes on How to Look Good Naked or strut down the catwalk for Gok’s Fashion Fix. So what do you do if you’re in desperate need of a one-on-one session with the stylist extraordinaire? You run to your nearest book store and grab a copy of How to Dress - his latest must-have fashion manual that solves wardrobe crises world over and dishes out advice on what to wear on any occasion - that’s what!

Here, we give you a sneak peak into his new book - and your very own personal styling session.


Gok - stylist to the stars, TV presenter and now author - has built his career around clothes, and fans literally fall at his feet begging for some style salvation.
But what do these women of every shape and age love so much about this six-foot guy with a penchant for black clothing?

"I think I'm accessible and honest - I try to keep it as real as possible," says Gok, who admits that he's puzzled by his popularity. "I'm dead normal. I'm a working stylist primarily, not a TV presenter."

The master of makeovers says his secret is in knowing what suits an individual. "Several trends are out every season but they're not going to suit everyone," he warns. "It’s important to understand your body and what works for you in order to create your own personal style, but have fun and get creative with it."


Before you tackle the trends, Gok believes you need to first nail the all-important basics, and the average woman has a wardrobe made up of four main areas: jeans, jersey, outerwear and knitwear. "The whole point of basics is that they work like a wardrobe undercoat," he explains. "They are the things that enable you to update your look every season without buying a whole new set of clothes.” Sounds simple, right? “Wrong!" says Gok.

Luckily, he's here to guide us through what he calls, "the potential ‘Wardrobe Warzone’".


"Top of most women's list of shopping nightmares is buying jeans," Gok says. So if the thought of finding the perfect pair sends you into a cold sweat, relax – help is at hand with Gok’s guide to jean buying:
Boot cut: This style works best in darker denim. Go for something that’s slightly faded on the thighs to draw the eye in and make your pins seem super-skinny.

Wide-legged: Super-flattering with heels or flats, make sure the waistband is just tight enough so that the back is snug around your gorgeous bum.

Skinny: Wear with a crazy, retro-patterned top to distract from any midriff issues and team with ballet pumps for a casual, sexy finish.


We all need a wardrobe full of snug jerseys and knits to fall back on in the autumn/winter season - but how do we wear them without looking like we’re donning something our Nan knitted for Xmas? Gok knows the answers!

"The key to jersey basics is to embrace the fabric itself," he says. "It's a great, heavy, slinky fabric that skims rather than clings, and can look super-sexy or dressed-down-casual depending on how you wear it."

Think they’re too boring? Think again, insists Gok. "By breaking those old rules and mixing chunky knits and summer dresses, or winter warmers and skinny knits, you can add texture to your outfit and personality to your look.”

You can also use a belt to create a ‘cardi-coat’. It will help keep you warm, reveal just a hint of what's underneath and make your silhouette appear super-slim.


An undeniable wardrobe staple, a good coat is definitely worth the spend. “From a classic bomber jacket to a woollen winter coat, these pieces are good to invest in," advises Gok, who shows us how to wear each style:
Leather biker jacket: Gives a tough urban edge to your sexy Saturday night dress, without covering it up.

Classic trench: Belt it across your slimmest part to keep you looking super-toned, or keep it open and cinched at the back to reveal what's underneath.

Smart blazer: Instantly gives slim jeans and simple flat pumps a sophisticated European look. Try rolling up the sleeves for an even more chic, confident look.


Having difficulties moving from summer to winter, and back again? Layering up with basics is your key to transition dressing. "It’s one of the best ways to breathe new life into your wardrobe," Gok enthuses. Stick to his simple steps for success:
• Buy base layers in a thin fabric so that they don't overheat – it can be quite tricky to remove the underneath layer once you're out and about!

• Make a confident style statement with low cut and/or short-sleeved top layers.

• If you're mixing patterns with plain colours, keep the pattern on top so it doesn't get lost.

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Posted by Andrea54Report
I luv the way you make every women feel special- you are the best magican i have ever seen- I luv your show.
Posted by AlisonReport
I agree with you all, would love for Gok to come to WA and teach me how to dress for my shape. Wouldn't it be great!!
Posted by CarolReport
I love Gok too and can't tear myself away from the TV when he is on. It would be absotutely fantastic if he came to Australia! He has made me more confident about myself just watching his show if he came to Australia I would travel anywhere.
Posted by Janine21Report
I love Gok as well and would love to see him come to Australia, I live in the country but would travel to see him in the city.... I will be buying his books,and i have just started watch lifestyle you channel and can't drag myself away from it mainly because of Gok !
Posted by wilkivicReport
Gok needs to come to Australia, I watch him all the time. After being in the Army for 20+ years my fashion knowledge is ZERO. What looks good in the store looks dreadful on me. I cannot figure out what looks good. If I find one item I buy 5 of them in assorted colours. I need help
Posted by LIZReport
l love Gok he need to come to Austraila to help us Aussie women
Posted by HelenReport
GOK..... i agree with the comment made by debbie 12 days ago PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do come to australia we (i) need your help and we have beautiful ladies here in australia. so come and give me a fashion fix, i need your help. oh by the way my daughter loves your show and looks to you for fashion tips.
Posted by Gina47Report
I have learn't so much from you. You are the best.You give me the guts to dress the way I do and I must say I get loads of positive comments from friends and strangers. Not bad for an overweight person. And yes you give me the courage to say " I look good naked". I love your show 4 ever.
Posted by suezeeReport
Gok, I need your help! I am 165cm tall and weigh 78kilos. I have a problem with my lower tummy area and I don't feel I can wear a lot of different styles, so I usually wear tops that cover my crutch and tights. But I am getting sick of this look. I need to feel a bit sexy. Help please!!!
Posted by AlisonReport
yes I too live in the country and would love Gok to come to our nearest City, and would love to be the one picked to be dressed properly by him