Get A Killer Body With Fake Tan

Makeup artist and St Tropez Skin Finishing Ambassador Sarah Tammer shows you how to look your best on the beach or the dancefloor this summer.

1 What's the best way ensure you pick the right tan for your skin?

Depending on your skin tone and also the state of your skin, you should pick your tanning product based on coverage and nourishment. Always moistures dry areas prior to tanning regardless of which product you use.

- Gradual: Gradual Tan is simple & subtle - great for first time tanners, rub it on like moisturiser and blend well. This moisturises and gives a building colour, so great for dry skin, and also good for darker skin tones that just need a pick-me-up.

Great for legs when the first warmer days arrive and your legs haven't seen the light of day for a while, takes the edge off and gives a subtle bronze glow...

- Self Tan Lotion: A gives you the darkest tan of all the products. It’s perfect for those who want to create a really deep tan and the aloe vera in the product means it is SUPER nourishing, which makes it suitable for skin that needs some nourishing as well as a great colour.

- Mousse: A mousse formula is one of the easiest and quickest to apply. St. Tropez’s Self Tan Bronzing Mousse has a brown colour to it, this is so you have a guide when applying the tan, ensuring you don’t miss anywhere – great for skin that needs a quick colour.

2. What are the most common mistakes people make when applying with fake tan?

They are often the things that are similar to what are important to do – the steps outlined on the bottle. If you forget any one of those things you will find that the tan won’t go on evenly.
One of the main things is when you don’t moisturise properly the tan will grab onto the dry skin and look patchy or like a ‘tan bruise’.

VERY IMPORTANT step is to prepare Skin with moisturiser on all dry areas ie: hairline, hands, wrists. elbows. knees and ankles... especially important on hairline & brows if you're blonde!!! Apply Moisturiser to all these areas before self tan application

One of the less known, but very important elements people forget when tanning is how to maintain their tan. They need to moisturiser daily and the two-three days after your tan exfoliate lightly. This will help ensure your tan looks even as it fades. I think this is the most forgotten step in tanning.

3. What are the golden rules for getting the perfect tan?

1. Prepare skin before self tan with a body polis; works REALLY well applied dry and gentle buffed off with a Buffing Mitt.

2. Prepare Skin with the Body moisturiser on all dry areas.

3. For applying Self Tan, use the Applicator Mitt so that you’re hands don’t end up super tanned!. It makes it SO easy to blend, has a protective film to prevent tan transferring onto palms.

4. To create a finished look and to add instant definition to your skin use a bronzer or shimmer stick, like St Tropez Wash Off Instant Glow Shimmer Stick....
BEAUTIFUL for an Instant Bronzed Shimmery Glow.

5. HYDRATE SKIN!!! tan lasts longer... a DELICIOUSLY rich and creamy moisturiser will help maintain skin & tan, keeps skin well nourished & hydrated...

4. What tools does someone need at home, in order to get the perfect tan?

Definitely a Applicator Mitt, a Body Polish and a moisturiser.

5. What's the biggest fake tan disaster you've ever seen?

Terribly stained hands!!

6. When applying fake tan on your own at home, what's your top trick for getting an even tan on your back?

Use a Mitt – it allows you to reach further than your hand.

7. Following the day of application, what's the best way to maintain a fake tan?

The top tip for maintaining and extending your tan is to HYDRATE SKIN.

Also, two-three days after tanning is a great idea to exfoliate lightly which helps ensure your tan looks even as it fades.

Keeping a really beautiful glow on the skin, is another way to maximise your tan. Moisturise skin then applying the Wash Off Instant Glow Shimmer Stick to areas you want to accentuate.

Powders and Illuminators are all fantastic for skin finishing as you apply them on top of your tan to give it that extra depth. Perfect to finish the skin after a tan adding a smooth golden bronze glow to the décolletage, you can also add a luminous highlight with an Illuminator on the shoulder and across the collar bone for a pretty highlight to make the most of it.

8. What are the benefits of fake tanning?

• No UV rays : No damaged skin cells/cancer risk
• No sunburn
• Easily removable with the Tan Remover should you change your mind or make a mistake
• You can choose your tan intensity
• You get an all over, event look

9. Is there a difference in technique between applying a fake tan in mousse form, spray or lotion?

The difference comes from a difference in texture.

The mousse is the easiest as it glides on to the skin and then you buff it gently to apply the tan. And it has a brown colour so you have a guide when applying the tan, ensuring you don’t miss anywhere.

The Lotion takes longer to apply than the mousse as it contains aloe vera and is super nourishing, so just a little bit thicker,

With the Lotion and Mousse I find it very important to apply with a mitt for best results. This method shouldn’t be done for those in a rush as it will take time for the tan to develop and you want to be able to wear loose fitting clothes after you’ve applied it.

With a spray I find they take very little rubbing/buffing into the skin. They are great option for those who don’t have loads of time to apply their tan.

10. What makes the colour in fake tan differ so much?

Most tanning products these days have pigments in them to counteract any orange appearance. But one needs to be aware of different colour strengths as this can react differently with different skin types, which may leave an orange appearance. The best way to counteract this happening is to exfoliate well before and in between tans, leaving nothing on your skin for the tan to react badly with. Also, allowing the tan to dry properly and soak into your skin without sweating.

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